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Daisy Mask Mixing Bowl Sets 🌼

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 36.00
Mixing up a mask with our powder cleanser + mask add-ins in your hands over the sink is okay... 
but keeping a bowl in your bathroom dedicated to your skincare concoctions is really how it's done. 
And keeping a hand sculpted, hand-painted bowl that looks like it's straight out of a magical fairy garden with a matching daisy-adorned spatula in your bathroom is LEVEL 100.
We have been graced with just 11 sets of majolica bowls with matching spatulas by OKC artisan Valerie Jobe of Sacred Earth and Fire.  
Each one is individually hand sculpted and handmade, so they're all a little different and sizing can vary, but they're just big enough to fit in the palm of your hand - and we love using the spatulas to mix up then apply our face masks to our skin! 
When you're not having a facial, use them to hold trinkets or apply your body powder or dry shampoo. 
Care instructions: hand wash - preferably while you wait for your mask to dry. 

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