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New Year, New Everything.

 Three years ago I made a new year's resolution to only buy and use purposefully vegan & cruelty free products, and it changed my life in ways I never could have possibly imagined, so I always get super excited around this time of the year.

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But I've always had a thing for New Years. At the risk of sounding like a total Scrooge, I'd probably be perfectly happy skipping Christmas and going straight to New Year's Day. Less cookies and parties and materialism, more green juice and yoga and meditation for me, please! (I know I've definitely found my calling in the wellness industry!) 

I just love having an excuse to start fresh - not that we ever need an excuse to make better choices - but there's just something about this time of year that makes it feel okay to make a big statement and really commit to doing things differently.  

So, naturally, I've been going over potential resolutions for myself all week. I think I've finally settled on one:

To take exceptional care of myself. 

It's a very broad statement, which means everything and nothing at the same time. It means that I'll be tuning my attention inwardly as often as possible, and listening to what my heart is telling me I need. Instead of doing a great big detox or forcing myself to go to bed earlier or setting myself up with a workout schedule or a budget that I won't be able to keep up with, I'll simply choose to eat more foods that nourish me and "indulge" less in things that don't. I'll give myself permission to work when my ideas are flowing and also permission to rest when I feel tired. I might take myself out on a date every once in a while and make an effort to have more fun - but I'm not going to make myself stick to any certain schedule. I'll spend money on quality things that I truly need and not waste money on cheap stuff that doesn't bring me joy. I'm going to continue to meditate and get in touch with my intuition and my higher self - the one who led me here and knows that I'm always exactly where I need to be. I'm going to keep being myself and using my voice, because my community needs my ideas and opinions and, you know... products. ;)

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Even though I've chosen something very general this new year, I think picking something small and specific is always a good choice too. What are you thinking about changing this year?

Anything I can help with?

Maybe you'd like to add a charcoal mask to your skincare routine once a week.

Or perhaps you need to actually start a routine by removing your makeup before bed at night. (Now's the perfect time for baby steps!) 

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Or clean your makeup brushes more often...

(I should probably add this one to my list too.)

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Or floss your teeth every night and try oil pulling! (LMK if you'd like a vegan dental floss recommendation - because, yeah, they're not always vegan... *eye roll*)

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Or maybe you'd like to kick your anxiety in the butt.

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(I have a TON of things to help with that one...) 

Or maybe you want to go really big like I did three years ago when I resolved to live a completely vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. I would absolutely be SO THERE with all of the support! 

Or maybe you're just fine, exactly as you are right now. 

Because you are.

I want to take this opportunity to send you all of the peace, joy, and love as we head into this new year. I can't wait to see what we make of it! 

If you're shopping for items to support you in your goals to be more well in the new year, I'd also like to offer you a special discount code, which expires at the end of December. 

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