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New for 2023: Surprise Scent Monthly Subscription

Well, I've gone and done it. I've finally figured out how to bring back the Perfume Junkie Club (RIP) but instead of making a new perfume every month - which is so bonkers that I can't believe I kept it up for over two years - I'm bringing back all of the old fragrances that I've made and retired.

Pulling from the archives, if you will!  

I'm calling it the Surprise Scent Monthly.

(Order here)

Because I'm making a surprise batch of perfume for subscribers every month. Starting this month! 

It could be anything.

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Any past Twinkle fragrance - from the simple signature fragrances I designed with matching body care in 2015, to the perfume junkie club scents, to - I don't know - heck, maybe I will get crazy and make something new!

The monthly scents could be roll-ons, solids, or sprays. It's all fair game. And they'll always be something seasonally appropriate, so it'll be a delicious way to treat yourself over the coming year. Give yourself something to look forward to!

If subscriptions aren't your thing, you can buy a one-time purchase for $30, but of course subscribing is the best deal. A recurring monthly subscription is $25, a 3-month pre-paid subscription is $70, 6 months of perfume is $135...

and I highly recommend springing for the 12 month subscription, which brings the price down to $20 per fragrance.

This could be the best (healthiest, most luxurious,) $20 you spend on yourself every month.

Heads up: unlike the Perfume Junkie Club, there's no option to buy the scents you miss once they've shipped. I'm only making enough for the people who order in advance. 

You have to order by the 14th at noon (US Central) to get this month's scent. Signing up after that puts you on the list for the next month.

Of course, I will give you a hint for each month's scent! 

January's scent is an all-time crowd favorite - a minty, cool, herbal, yet earthy green scent that has soothing aromatherapy properties. (Oil based roll-on.) 

It's very... green...

Ya feel me? *wink wink*

I thought it'd give us a refreshing, stress-reliving, (and even headache reducing!) start to the new year. This one is always good to have on hand.

For February, I'm thinking something warm, spicy, floral, and woody. March will be something bright and springy. (Or maybe fresh and rainy? I haven't decided yet...) But you get the idea, right?

For those of you who are past perfume junkie subscribers, or who have shopped with me for a while, I hope that this will be like greeting an old friend every month.

Perfume and nostalgia go hand-in-hand, don't you think? 

If you're new to Twinkle, this will be a brand new monthly surprise that you can't get anywhere else!

Something for everyone.

 There will also be a free perfume sample in every order - perhaps a single note that layers well with the scent of the month - or a preview of something new I'm working on.

Natural fragrance lovers, this one is for you.

 You have a little over a week to sign up for January's scent.

Click here to order.

I hope you can treat yourself this year!

- Stefanie -


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