My Skincare Schedule - Week 9

My Skincare Schedule - Week 9

It was business (glorious, beautiful, wonderful) business as usual this week, only better, because it's starting to feel like S P R I N G ! ! ! outside and I am so ready! 

While I had the flu last week, I dreamed up a couple of new facial oils that I was able to whip up once I got back to work and am now testing. Well, I test things one at a time, so I'm testing just one of them now, which is my new sensitive skin serum, made without essential oils. 

The superstar ingredient in this serum is blueberry seed oil, which I knew I had to use in something the minute a sample landed on my desk a few months ago because, well, it smells like smooshing up fresh blueberries and rubbing them all over your face. Never mind that it's crazy expensive... you can literally smell the antioxidants, people!

Because I test things for (at least) a solid two weeks before I make a decision, this means I'll be forgoing my usual facial oil in the morning/winter serum at night routine and just use the new sensitive skin serum morning and night. It's so difficult to give up my favorites, (seriously don't know how people shop for new skincare all the time... I'm happily committed to my products, thank you!) but great news, I am absolutely LOVING this new serum so far. It's only been a couple of days but my skin is so, so happy.   

Honestly, with the exception of a couple of accidents (facewhip!) most of my product development happens inside my head with the thinking and the planning and the research, so by the time I've made something new to test that I'm serious about, the testing part is usually just a formality. It's kind of hard to mess up a facial oil with this level of fantastic ingredients, you know? But, I want to have a good idea of how it compares to my other oils and serums so I'll keep using it and report back. 

Stay tuned! 

- Stefanie - 


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