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My Skincare Schedule - Week 8

I lost an entire week of my life (and several thousands of dollars in revenue from having to close my shop) to the flu. It was, and still is, awful. Here's what I did to my face. 

Why so many steams? Because it soothed my throat and because I am incredibly protective of my nose. It's hard to make perfume when you can't breathe or smell. Did you know it's possible to permanently lose your sense of smell from having the flu? Fun fact, right? Just one of the many reasons why sick people are no longer allowed in my shop. (Not joking. GTFO.) 🙅🏻‍♀️

My sense of smell is back but I'm currently overwhelmed with nausea so who knows what the April perfume junkie club scent is gonna look like 😂 wish me luck?! 

I must say, it's nice to have a good, simple, reliable everyday routine to fall back on when you feel your worst. When I didn't feel like doing anything, I didn't, but when I did, it was very soothing. Even though I feel like I'm falling apart, you'd never know it from my face. I hope you have a routine that makes you feel just as good, and if you don't... you should maybe give this stuff a try! 

 - Stefanie -