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My Skincare Schedule - Week 12

Well, ok... 

I know I did a lot of skincare this week, but I didn't get the chance to write it down. 

Everything is so weird. I'm trying to make plans to keep my business running in the midst of life shutting down but I have no idea what to plan for so it feels like I'm just spinning in place. I know what my goal is for tomorrow - to fulfill as many orders and restock as many products as I can - but after that? No clue! 

While I was at work restocking and packing what I could today I was also trying to plan out what I would do in the event of a lockdown-type situation and imagining what it would look like to run my business out of my home. Obviously I can't make things in my home kitchen (my cat is all over everything,) but I could still ship what I already had in stock. Or would anyone know or try to stop me or even care if I went to my office by myself and worked? I live within walking distance so like... don't mind me, just out for a stroll, you know?! But would I be able to receive shipments of materials? I mean.. the mail won't stop running, right??? 

See? Spinning out. That's where we're at now. Because I can't predict the future and I can't bear the thought of stopping. So I think and think and think about every possible alternative. This is what I do! It's how I got my business to this point, actually... anxiety propelled me to greatness. LOL. 

If I could slow down for a bit I could probably make some room for a big idea to come through, but I can't slow down yet because there's so much work to do. 

And I'm sorry for rambling, but I'm afraid. I don't even care about losing money at this point. My work is everything to me. I don't know what my life would look like or who I would be without it. I love it so much. I love making these products. I love using them. When I finally stop scrolling and compulsively checking news updates and trying to plan for something no one can possibly plan for, going into my bathroom and opening up my medicine cabinet and seeing it all waiting for me is the definition of comfort. It feels like those bottles represent the best of me, and I want to keep sharing them because they are good and people will need them, especially if everything is falling apart.

     Am I too emotional about my facial oil? Probably. But maybe that's why it's good.

I started testing the new one I made for acne prone skin this week. Total 180 from the facial oil for sensitive skin and I'm still adjusting. My skin is clear (yay) and not the least bit oily, (nailed it!) but I was really loving the extreme-juicy-dew-effect of that sensitive formula... I'll stick with it though and report back soon.  

- Stefanie -