Morning Skincare Routine + Gua Sha (Video!)

Morning Skincare Routine + Gua Sha (Video!)

Okay, I finally did it - the moment you've all be waiting for... 

Here I am, in my bathroom, in the fuzzy pink robe that my seven year old picked out for me for Christmas (Mom's favorite color ✔️ and favorite shape ✨✔️🥰) showing you how NOT AT ALL DIFFICULT,  NOR TIME CONSUMING my morning routine is. 

It's not great lighting, but I think you can very clearly see that I have the skin of an angel, and you can too - I'm giving you all of my tricks! 

Seriously, if you have time to watch this video, you have more than enough time to wash your damn face, okrrrr? This video is 14 minutes long, and that's only because I'm taking the time to talk about my products and what they do. It probably takes me about 8 minutes, tops, to do this in the morning. 

Products used: 

Makeup Remover + Cleansing Oil 

Gua Sha 

Toning Mist 

Rose Hydrosol 

Facial Oil

Facial Balm 

Full size total for all of these products is $140. Sample size total (plus gua sha and full size hydrosol) to get you started is $70.

To summarize, it's not time consuming, it's not expensive, it's totally natural and lovely and effective and will make you feel like a million bucks. No more excuses. 🤨 

Oh - before I filmed this, when I first woke up this morning, I applied my eye serum and patted some winter serum on my lower cheeks. Just FYI! 

Now go forth, and have great skin! ✌🏼

- Stefanie -

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