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Meet Bad Hombre

In celebration of Perfume June, I'd like to introduce you to all of my natural fragrances, one by one!
Today, meet Bad Hombre. 
Bad Hombre is one of my newer scents, and it's the only one that doesn't come with matching skincare items, partly because I had to stop somewhere, and partly because... I'm just not sure if it would make a good deodorant?! 
Read on more to find out all the details about this scent... 
Official description: 
Go ahead, be bad. Bad Hombre combines gourmand notes of orange, coffee, cardamom, and vetiver to make a gender neutral fragrance that is rich, earthy, and a little spicy. It's simply the perfect thing to wear when you want to make a statement... such as, ahem: #NOTMYPRESIDENT  
How it got its name: 
I actually made this scent by request for one of my retailers. There was so much interest in my Nasty Woman perfume at the end of last year that they asked if I could make a complimentary "Bad Hombre" fragrance to go with it as a holiday gift item. I had been wanting to make a new unisex scent with vetiver and coffee for some time, so I figured this was the perfect way to get creative with it - knowing that I was going to call it "Bad Hombre" inspired me to make something a bit more exotic and interesting. It's not a popular scent, but it's actually one of my very favorites, and I think it's especially Christmas-y. It's a bit odd, or - ahem, "bad" at first, but the dry down is superb, IMHO.   
What's it made of: 
bad hombre oils
Roasted coffee bean oil, sweet orange essential oil, cardamom from a co2 extraction, and vetiver oil. 
Dark tan. It contains quite a bit of coffee! 
Light to medium-thick oil blend. The coffee is somewhat thick and likes to settle at the bottom of the oil roll-ons, but it's not noticeable in the perfume spray. 
Top notes: 
Sharp yet sweet, spicy cardamom; bright, citrusy orange peel; and bitter coffee.  
Middle notes: 
Warm, rich coffee; more heat from the cardamom, and a touch of bold nuttiness from the vetiver.
Base notes: 
A vetiver lover's dream. Dry, clean, herbaceous and grassy, yet slightly smoky and earthy, with lingering sweetness from the coffee and cardamom. 
Aromatherapy benefits: 
Coffee is a stimulant and aphrodisiac, orange oil is uplifting, cardamom is also known to be an energizing aphrodisiac, while vetiver is very soothing. This would be a great uplifting, yet comforting scent to help combat depression and anxiety, or to help fight burnout... perfect for the activists among us! 
Pairs well with: 
Adore, Basic, Beau Spice, Dolce Vita, Goddess, Luscious 
Give it your own unique twist by adding:
Lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, vanilla, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, bergamot, lemongrass, neroli, frankincense, jasmine  
Staying power: 
Strong. The vetiver will stay on your skin for quite some time.
(Hope you like vetiver!)
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