March's Surprise Scent Mood Board

March's Surprise Scent Mood Board

Don't tell anyone, but I think I'm starting to enjoy the process of finding and creating visuals to illustrate my perfumes. (What did we do before Canva existed though?) 

Perfume is such an elusive multi-sensory experience that I guess sometimes pictures do say it best. 

At least, I think?

Maybe you'll have to report back and tell me if the March Surprise Scent Monthly matches this mood board I've created: 

march's surprise scent mood board twinkle apothecary

To me this says... it's bright, it's creamy, it's citrusy and floral... 

It's got all of the ingredients covered.

Oh, and this one is going to be a solid perfume! Another oldie but goodie seasonal scent from 2018.

Have I given it away yet?

You have about one week left to order. I don't sell the surprise scent monthly once it's been revealed because I'm trying to reduce waste.

I only make enough for those of you who sign up by the 14th of each month at noon.

So don't wait.

Get March's surprise scent here. 

I can't wait to make it for you!


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