Konjac Sponge + Oil Cleansing (Video!)

Konjac Sponge + Oil Cleansing (Video!)

Here's another IGTV repost where I show you how I incorporate the konjac sponge into my oil cleansing routine. 

I thought of one thing I forgot to mention in the video - people always ask me which one they should get - and, to be honest, I don't think it matters that much. Clay works to draw impurities out of your pores as it dries/hardens, and you're just rubbing this sponge on your face for a few seconds, so I really don't know if it makes that much of a difference. That being said, if you are acne prone, I'd go with the activated charcoal because it's more likely to help prevent breakouts. 

Hope this is helpful! 

- Stefanie -


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