Join me at Spark!

Join me at Spark!

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Hi guys! 
I just wanted to take a second to invite you all to check out my personal blog,
I recently posted a beauty diary, which I thought you might find interesting/useful if you're interested in learning more about my personal grooming routines and how I use my products throughout my day. 
I've posted some similar articles on this blog in the past, but going forward I'm planning to keep this blog more "official" and educational, (news and new product introductions, How-To posts, DIY recipes, etc.,) and save the more informal posts about my life for my personal page. Of course, everyone is welcome and encouraged to read both - there's lots of good information to be had either way! 
I'd like to plan for at least 2 beauty diaries a week - and maybe even some perfume diaries??
There's also a bit of an ethical fashion element to it, and I've moved my vintage clothing shop there to keep it separate from my skincare. I've got lots of fun stuff planned for it in the near future. 
I can't believe I have two blogs to keep up with now - but I'm SO super excited to share them both with you all! 
I hope you enjoy! 

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