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In Defense of Natural Perfume

Have you noticed that natural, essential oil based perfumes get a bad rap sometimes? Maybe as a natural perfumer I am just a bit sensitive to the criticism, but I am often left bewildered when I hear people say that they don't like it because “It doesn’t last,” “It’s just not the same,” “It’s boring,” or that it “leaves something to be desired.”
Maybe because those are actually all of the things that I LOVE about natural perfume?!!
Here's what I mean:  
Okay, so it doesn't last...  
First of all, some natural fragrances do last quite a long time. It really depends on what base notes and fixatives are used, if any. Yes, the top notes will disappear more quickly, but the heavier base notes should linger for a while. If you're concerned about finding something that will last all day, I would recommend something with a strong base note, like amber or sandalwood.   
But here's my thing: Why would I want some artificial stink clinging to me as I go about my life anyway? Say I put on perfume when I get dressed, then I go play outside with my son in the summer heat or take a walk on the beach (I wish...) Maybe I’m a weirdo, but I would actually prefer to smell more like grass and sweat or the beach than artificial chemical fragrances at that point! After playtime is over, I can either freshen up by re-applying, or take a shower. It’s so odd to me that people expect to smell the same way all day every day even though life is full of different activities. Also, you know what makes traditional, mainstream perfumes "last?" Phthalates. Hashtag: NOTHANKYOU 
Great news: in the event that your natural perfume wear does wear off, you now have an opportunity to apply a different scent! You can wear a light fragrance during the day (perfect if you’re in an office or enclosed space around potentially sensitive noses) and then add something deeper and more exciting for evening.
It’s just not the same...
Think about all of the different smells you encounter each day. Think about how many times you’ve been trapped next to a stranger who had an overpowering, unpleasant fragrance. Have you ever not been able to get out of a department store fast enough? I know I’m a highly sensitive person, but I also know I’m not the only one who gets headaches easily…
Don't get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for traditional perfumers. Not only is it a complicated science that's way over my head, but it's also an art. I’m actually so obsessed with perfume that I can’t walk past a Sephora without stopping to smell everything and I collect vintage perfume bottles. But, I have never found a traditional perfume that I actually enjoy wearing on my body for an extended period of time. I’ll try one on thinking that I enjoy it, only to regret doing so about 30 minutes to an hour later. And I know that it's not just me, because I meet so many people who say they don’t like perfume. That it’s just too much. Too strong. Unnecessary. If you think you don’t like perfume, you could wind up being pleasantly surprised by essential oil based fragrances, because they are a whole different world, and for that, again I will say: THANK GOODNESS. 
It’s boring...
Um, okay… sorry for the cliché, but have you ever really stopped to smell a rose? Like, really noticed every sensation and the depth of what you experience as you inhale and allow the scent to fill up your heart and your mind? What about a freshly peeled orange? A bottle of dried clove buds? A sprig of rosemary? Sorry, but there’s nothing boring about nature. At all, period. If it bores you, you’re not paying enough attention.
I wish I could invite everyone who thinks natural perfume is boring over to my studio to get lost in a drop of Moroccan rose absolute with me...
These fragrances are fairly simple, yes. But simple is NOT boring.
What I love about my natural perfumes is that they can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You can spray or roll on a little bit of french lavender and leave it at that, or you can add some vanilla, or one of my signature fragrances (pink mafia would be so fun with lavender and vanilla!) And do you know what’s not boring at all? Creating your own unique personal scent, which you definitely cannot do with some basic department store perfume that everyone else is also wearing because a magazine ad told them it would make them sexy.
It leaves something to be desired...
Sure, it's true you cannot get the same range of fragrances from essential oils that you can with lab created compounds. Again, I happen to think that’s a good thing. I don’t need to smell like a peach or a peony if it’s not real. That’s what I love about working with essential oils. They’re REAL. They come directly from the natural world, and applying them to my body makes me feel more connected to the earth.
That is what I desire from my perfume. I desire to be uplifted, grounded, more relaxed, to have an open heart and a clear mind. I desire to know that what I’m putting on my body is good for my health and well being, not to mention the health and well being of those around me when I'm wearing it.
I mean..
what more could you possibly desire from a perfume?!
I can't help it,
I love natural perfume so much that I want to convert the entire world!  
That's why I hereby declare tomorrow the start of Perfume June!
Actually, I'm calling it Free Perfume June. 
Because for all orders over $50, I am going to send you a free single note roll-on perfume
And for orders over $100: you'll get a free signature fragrance roll on! (It could be any one of my 15 different essential oil fragrance blends.) 
There's no code necessary. Just spend $50 or more and you'll automatically get a surprise perfume gift in your package from me.
Heads up: I cannot take requests, so please don't ask me for certain scents. The scent you get will be completely random, based on my current stock of inventory. I will, however, take into account what you have purchased and try to send you a scent that I feel is complementary.    
Think of this as a perfect opportunity to try something new!
So you can stop and smell that darn rose and see what I'm talking about.
 Or the lemongrass, or peppermint, or chamomile! 
But beware, because once you go natural, you may never want to go back to your old perfume again. 
*maniacal laugh*
Really though, I'm super excited about this promotion, and I hope you are too!  
Happy (free perfume) June! 
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