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But How Long Does It Last?

Incase you were wondering, starting an online perfume business is exactly as crazy as it sounds... 
Ever since Twinkle Apothecary's inception 2.5 years ago, there has been one major hurdle standing the way of sharing my perfumes with the world... (okay, several, actually) but the biggest one is that it's SOOOOO DIFFICULT to explain my natural fragrances to people who can't experience them in person. 
I mean, there's nothing really like them so where do I even start? 
First, there's the obvious physical barrier - you can't smell them until you take the plunge and order a sample.
But before you get to that point, I have to figure out which words to use to evoke the scent accurately so that you know which one you want to try. 
It doesn't sound too difficult, but it turns out that people take their $15 fragrances verrrrry seriously (who knew?!) and I've learned that just as no two noses smell alike, everyone seems to have a different take on what words like "earthy" "woodsy" "sweet" "clean" "green" and "herbal" actually mean.
Earthy seems to be like the all-encompassing term for every natural fragrance - which I guess makes sense because all of my ingredients do come from the earth and don't have that tell-tale "fake sweet" smell you get from a lot of synthetic ingredient perfumes?  
But there's a HUGE difference between earthy, dirt-like patchouli, and earthy, nutty sandalwood, and earthy, sweet amber, and earthy, floral neroli, and earthy, herbal lemongrass... 
You can't just say, this one is earthy, that one's sweet, this one's floral, and so on, because there's too much overlap! Most of my fragrances are fruity, earthy, floral, spicy, sweet, and everything in between. 
So, I've done what anyone crazy enough to start an online perfume business 2.5 years ago would do - I've spent a month updating my website with new, (way) more in-depth product descriptions, and I also added an emoji scent guide to my product catalog. 
Now after every product you'll see one or more of the following symbols: 
🍦 = sweet 
🍊 = fruity 
🌸 = floral 
🌲 = woodsy 
🍃 = herbal 
🍂 = earthy 
🔥 = spicy 
And in the updated product descriptions, I've answered the age old (2.5 years) question: 
how long does it last?
here's the answer: 

We pride ourselves on our completely natural fragrances with transparent ingredient lists, and unlike most other brands who claim to make natural fragrances, our perfumes are 100% essential oil based and contain no 👏 extra 👏 additives 👏 to extend the wear time of the ingredients. This means that the amount of time the scent of the perfume stays on your skin depends on the ingredients in each of the individual fragrances. 

All of our perfumes are well-concentrated (a traditional eau de parfum ratio,) but the scents with strong base note ingredients will stay on your skin longer, where as our lighter fragrances will dissipate quickly, which really just means you get the pleasure of applying more regularly! 

We love offering a wide range of fragrances to suit every preference, and don’t believe that wear time is an indicator of quality. (‼️That’s actually an idea that was introduced way back when perfumers first started working with artificial fragrances as a way to make their cheap un-natural ingredients seem more enticing to their discerning customers!‼️) #themoreyouknow 🌈 #aboutmarketingtactics 🤯 

The amount of time that a scent lingers on your skin is dependent on many different factors - an individual’s unique body chemistry, the temperature and humidity levels in the air, how well moisturized your skin is, (which, ahem, is why we make matching body oils for each scent!) and your own perception - no two noses smell alike and some are waaaayyyyy more sensitive than others!

However, as a general guide, here’s a good place to start: 

If you want your scent to last all day go for: 

pétiller, luscious, beau spice, close, bad hombre, the asterisk collection  

If you don’t want it to disappear too quickly but don’t mind re-applying in the later in the day (or want to change scents from day to night) go for: 

adore, blissed, dope queen, cat buttons, florcore, mulholland, dolce vita, nasty woman, mamacita  

If you don’t care how long it lasts (or just love taking a #selfcare moment to re-apply during the day) go for: 

basic perfume

basic, duchess, goddess 

*very related side note these are literally our most popular fragrances so take from that what you will…  

Tips to extend the wear time of your favorite natural scent: 

head to toe set

  • Layer layer layer - we offer matching body care items for each of our signature fragrances because the other products that you wear should only add and never detract from your favorite scent! 

  • Get the set - When buying one of our organic alcohol based spray perfumes we offer the option to add the matching oil based roll on for an extra $10. We recommend spraying the perfume on your clothing and in your hair while applying the roll on to your pulse points for a double whammy of plant based goodness. 

  • Stay hydrated - fragrance disappears more quickly on dry skin. Hydrate from the inside out by drinking good old fashioned water, (also great for the face) and layer the matching body oil (or a complimentary scented body butter) to keep your skin supple, moisturized, and smelling great. 💦

  • Get a second opinion - your own nose gets used to the way you smell super quick. So many times we go out in public thinking we can’t smell our fragrance any more only to be complimented on how great we smell! Don’t assume the perfume is faulty just because you don’t know your own greatness. Our motto is that subtle is always better than choking strangers in an elevator. Okay, it’s an un-official motto… but you get the drift, right?? 

So does this help? I hope it helps?!


1. Strong base note ingredients + layering matching body care items = longer wear time.

2. Just buy a $5 sample because words can only describe so much and that's a hella great value for natural handcrafted perfumes... 

3. It does not say R.S.V.P. on the Statue of Liberty. 


A *truly* natural perfumer 😘