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Hello, Beau Spice

Next up on my "Perfume June" blog list is Beau Spice! 
Beau Spice is definitely the earthiest scent that I offer. It's not one of my top sellers, but those who love it are OBSESSED. Although I consider all of my scents to be gender neutral (everyone should wear what they want!) this is the one that guys tend to go for the most. 
Official description: 
Beaus may come and go, but this warm, spicy, woody scent is in your life to stay! Twinkle Apothecary's Beau Spice fragrance smells more like a men's "cologne" than a perfume, because you don't have to be a guy to appreciate the spicy, smoky fragrance of clove, combined with rich, balsamic labdanum, and sensual, earthy sandalwood and patchouli. The scent is absolutely intoxicating - no matter who wears it!
How it got it's name: 
It's a pun on "Old Spice," y'all. 
What it's made of: 
Sandalwood essential oil, clove essential oil, labdanum absolute, and patchouli essential oil.
Light tan to yellow. A little bit of thick labdanum absolute (which is a resin extracted from the roserock plant since ancient Egypt...) goes a long way in terms of color and fragrance!  
Medium. Some of the oils used in this blend are quite thick, but they're used in smaller amounts. There shouldn't be much sediment in the bottom of the bottle, although there may be a whisper of sediment in the spray version, as it's more concentrated. 
Top Notes: 
Warm spice from the clove and sweet musk from the labdanum. 
Middle Notes: 
Rich, balsamic labdanum and smokiness from the clove. 
Base Notes: 
Sandalwood! With just a hint of dry, earthy patchouli. 
Aromatherapy benefits: 
This scent is about as grounding as it gets. It's also uplifting, stimulating, and sexy. It's a great night time, (or bed time) fragrance. Use it anytime you want to get centered and stop feeling frazzled. 
Pairs well with: 
Adore, Blissed, Close, Dolce Vita, French Girl, Goddess, Mulholland, Nasty Woman
Give it your own unique twist by adding: 
vanilla, orange, amber, neroli, lemon, coffee, frankincense, lavender, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, vetiver, cedarwood, chamomile 
Staying power: 
Excellent! There are no traditional "top notes" in this scent, so you won't notice anything disappearing for quite some time. Each of the notes linger on your skin and further develop as it wears.
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