Founder Friday 8/26/21

Founder Friday 8/26/21

So, hi. This is an appreciation post for those of you who’ve stuck around while I’ve made some necessary changes to my business over the past year. If you’re reading this because you’ve opened my email or have gone to my website or mobile app to browse around and make a purchase, you are an amazing, wonderful human and I probably don’t deserve to have you in my life, although I hope (and am pretty sure) that my products are totally worth it!

When I first started Twinkle Apothecary in 2015, it was during peak “girl-boss-hustle” culture and I went all-in - so desperate to be successful that I worked myself sick. (Remember the two years where I couldn’t eat nightshades without getting a rash? Yeah, good times, NOT.)

Over time, I fell in love with simply being a maker, and I realized that a big business wasn’t actually something I wanted. I just wanted to have fun being creative and sharing good things with the world while paying my bills to support my little family of 2, with both of us staying healthy and happy.

Ever since I had that realization, I’ve been slowly paring back what I offer in order to make my work easier as a one person business while protecting my mental and physical health. I don’t work myself sick anymore, but this job is still A LOT of work - way more than most full time corporate jobs, and yes, even though it is fun, it’s STILL WORK - so if it seems like I’m getting extreme with the things I change and let go of, I promise you I’m just trying to find my balance, still.

This year, between discontinuing my beauty boxes and subscriptions, stopping the discount cycle, pulling back on social media, and setting the very necessary boundary of no longer giving every single one of you individualized skincare advice, I knew things would slow down a bit, in fact, I needed them to slow down, just to keep up with life as a single mom during a pandemic.

However, I’m afraid I underestimated how engaged many of my customers actually were before I made these changes. Not you of course. I mean, the ones who are definitely not reading this right now. LOL. Looking at the numbers, it seems that the subscriptions and boxes might have been a way for people to passively support my brand without actually having to make the effort to go to my website and place an order, and apparently many people feel like they absolutely need personalized individual attention before they will even consider buying samples from a small business. Some people even got downright mad at me for that one. Yikes. (Also, file under: how to tell that you set a very necessary boundary!)

So anyway, those things, combined with the fact that I made the decision to keep my brick and mortar closed even as pandemic restrictions were lifted, and  despite the fact that everyone  r e a l l y  wanted to get out and shop in person this summer, because I realized that I physically can not do everything I do while also being available to walk in customers all day 6 days a week, means that I am now missing a huge chunk of my normal revenue. And, I know, I know, it’s not just me. Consumer spending dropped a lot over the summer and even more so online, and, I also know that it will bounce back as we head into the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally optimistic about the future and I know that all is not lost…

But here’s the thing, I won’t be able to buy the materials that I need to keep up with the holiday rush if I don’t do something drastic right now. Which is my way of saying, that yes, I am having a big sale. (!!)

Do I want to sell my totally unique and expensive handcrafted work that I put a lot of labor into making at a discounted rate? No.

Do I have a choice? Apparently not.

Do I hope you’ll hear me, but take advantage of this opportunity to buy the things you want anyway? Dear god, PLEASE. DO IT. SHOP!!! FOR THE LOVE!!!!!! (Says every small business owner having a sale this weekend! Ha!)

Here’s the catch with my shop though - this is my final, only sale for the rest of the year.

Probably for a whole year, until things slow down again next summer and I’m left scrambling with no budget to get my shit together so I can afford to prepare for the holidays lol… so just keep that in mind!

There will be no holiday specials or black Friday weekend deals. This is your very last chance to save, outside of my rewards program and review coupons, for most likely an entire year.

More catches -

Retired fragrances, made to order perfumes, and bundles and box sets (because they are already discounted!) are not included in this sale. I’ve already marked all of the made to order products out of stock for the weekend, so you will have to wait until the sale is over to buy them. (Gosh I really hope people see this message because I will not be responding to emails asking when these items will be back in stock!)

I will also not be working overtime at a discounted rate, so please allow a full 7 - 10 business days for your sale order to ship - and don’t even think about writing to me to ask when it will be ready. (I mean, you can, but again, I won’t respond because I’ll be busy making and shipping the products while also getting a healthy amount of rest.)

Keep in mind that resources are still scarce right now due to COVID. Meaning, I currently have what should be enough to make everything I need, but most of the  bottles and packaging I use are on backorder, so depending on how crazy you get this weekend, there's a small chance I may not be able to fulfill every order. Please be patient with me if it gets crazy enough for this to happen, don't wait until Sunday night at 10 pm to shop because it'll be first come first serve, and if you can, refrain from buying multiples of the same item so there’s enough for everyone. Especially sample size things. Seriously, I have a total of 5 mini jars right now y’all. No clue when they will be back in stock. But it's cool because sales are for splurging on the big sizes anyway, right? RIGHT? (ANAKIN?)

And, that’s all!

OH, right, I guess you’ll be wanting the code then…


for 25% off your entire order, excluding bundles, box sets, and made to order/retired products.

No usage limits (so don’t worry if you forgot something, just make another order and I’ll ship together!)

Ends at 11:59 pm on Sunday, August 29th.

Thank you, once again, for being here and supporting my little shop through thick and thin. It may be small, but it’s my entire world, (I mean, you know, in a totally healthy, non-codependent way, LOL,) and I appreciate you more than you know.

Cheers to finally getting all of the goodies you’ve been wanting to buy!



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