First Two Weeks of '22 Free on Patreon!

First Two Weeks of '22 Free on Patreon!

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

Just wanted to pop on the blog and make an official announcement that I'm offering all of my Patreon content for free during these first two weeks of January. 

I've gotten a lot of new follow requests on my personal Instagram lately, but I don't really use Instagram anymore, and boy am I happier and more productive for it...

Everything, all of my "content" has moved over to Patreon

I use the Patreon Lens Clips feature exactly as I used to use my Instagram stories - it's very off-the-cuff and personal - I share about day to day life things and how I use my products. You also find some new written blog posts popping up on my Patreon page over the next couple of weeks - those are all pretty off the cuff and personal too - but also hopefully entertaining and informative! 

The best way to view my lens clips is to download the Patreon app (go to the app store on your smartphone and search for Patreon,) then search Twinkle Apothecary on the Patreon app to find my profile.

When I've got a new lens clip story up, my little circular profile picture, which normally looks like this to non-members: 

Will have an orange highlight around it, like this: 

Tap on it, and you'll be able to see what I'm posting about - it works exactly the same way as Instagram stories, except you can leave a comment right on the clip instead of sending a DM. (Also, yes, that is a picture of a pile of clothes on my bed - I shared my attempt at a New Year's closet clean out and re-organization yesterday... haha!) 

I don't expect everyone to be into this, but I will say, I have a lot more fun with it than I ever did with social media. To me, it feels like a more mindful and interactive way to engage with my community. It's a more reciprocal exchange of energy and a lot less draining than being creeped on by a bunch of strangers 24/7. 

Of course, if you check it out over the next few weeks, I hope you'll enjoy it enough to subscribe. Much of my focus for this year will be directed towards my patrons - I'm looking forward to creating limited edition products, making customs, and sharing product knowledge on Patreon that won't be shared here on the blog.

In return for product knowledge, entertainment, ($5/month) and access to limited edition products, ($20/month and up,) you'll get the satisfaction of knowing that you're paying me fairly for the work that goes into content creation, which is what ethical shopping and supporting small businesses and makers is all about, right?

And again, I'm really not doing the Instagram thing anymore. Why would I when this is so much more fun for me?

I hope you'll check it out sometime before the 15th - after that I switch everything back over to "private" to give exclusive access to my paying subscribers. 

If not, I'll see you here on the web per usual! 


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