February 2024 Surprise Scent Mood Board

February 2024 Surprise Scent Mood Board

Happy February! 

It's almost time to make this month's Surprise Scent, and I have a hint for you: 

february 2024 surprise scent mood board twinkle apothecary

This is an easy one to guess if you're familiar with the original Twinkle signature fragrances! 

It's bright, soft, rosy, and cozy, and it's going to be in a 5 ml spray bottle this month.

You have two weeks left to get on the list to get this perfume for the discounted subscription price ($20-$25, depending on your plan,) or, you can order from the Perfume Archives for $35 anytime!

Click here to order the Surprise Scent Monthly by the 14th at noon to get on the list.

Can't wait to make it for you!


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