Essential Oils to Put You in A Good Mood, QUICK.

Essential Oils to Put You in A Good Mood, QUICK.

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Even the happiest, most content, and well-adjusted people have bad days. 
Whether you're tired, sick, hangry, or just generally grumpy because it's one of those days where everything seems to go wrong, we've all been there, and it's okay. 
But if you're looking to turn your frown upside down in a simple, portable, really luxurious but in good-for-you kind of way, (and OMG who isn't?!) adding a little aromatherapy in your life might be just the ticket! 
Real talk, there aren't any essential oils that are going to put you in a worse mood or make you depressed, so you can literally pick any scent that you love and just start smelling. 
But if you're new to this whole essential oil/aromatherapy thing and not sure where to start, here I've complied a selection of my favorite go-to happy scents for you to try. 
How to use them: 
Roll the perfumes on your wrists, in the palms of your hands, or on your neck and breathe deeply. (You can even wear two or more at a time to make your own special blend!) Or, apply any of the naturally scented body care items I've listed below to get all of the good vibes for your mind AND body.  
Scroll down to see my picks!
1. Anything citrus 
single note perfumes twinkle apothecary
Just try to be mad or sad when you're smelling these bright, zesty, sweet, warm scents... 
jk, you can't, it's impossible!
They're basically sunshine in a bottle.  
Anything citrus will do, but my favorites are cleansing lemon, cheery grapefruit, and crisp bergamot. 
Find lemon in: 
Single note perfumes ($10 roll on & $30 spray)
Find grapefruit in: 
Single note perfumes ($10 roll on & $30 spray
Find Bergamot in: 
Single note perfume ($10 roll on & $30 spray
2. Tried and true florals. 
single note perfumes twinkle apothecary
Technically, I guess lavender and clary sage would be considered flowering herbs, but whatever you want to call them, they work like MAGIC to change my mood, every time!
Clary sage  
Possibly the most magical herb of them all. I once applied it periodically during a 2 hour road trip (I am a super nervous driver) and I arrived at my destination practically GIDDY. I don't know how it works, but I promise it does. It's good for PMS, promoting restful sleep (don't use too much if you want to avoid giddiness,) pain relief, and anxiety. 
Find it in: 
Everyone's favorite, for good reason. It's cooling, soothing, calming, and joyful at the same time. It's good for literally everything that ails you. (Seriously.) 
Find it in:
Single note perfumes (roll on $10 & spray $30)
A sweet yet clean citrusy floral scent that comes from the bitter orange tree (see what I mean about anything citrus?) Smelling this is like getting a hug from your mother. Mother nature, I mean... 
Find it in: 
Single note perfumes (roll on $10 & spray $30
Ylang-ylang is an intensely sweet floral (think: a mix between honeysuckle and a banana custard tart maybe?) which blends well with a lot of different smells so it's a fairly common perfume ingredient. It's a bit too much on it's own for some, but if you like the way it smells, the payoff is doubly sweet. It's good for releasing tension and frustration, lifting spirits, and is said to be an aphrodisiac. 
Find it in: 
Single note perfumes (roll-on $10 & spray $30
3. Base notes. 
twinkle apothecary single note perfumes
To be honest, vanilla isn't always my personal favorite first choice to wear as a perfume note, but there's no denying that it's a super happy, comforting scent. It's warm, sweet, carmel-y... like smelling freshly baked sugar cookies during the holidays, only without the calories.
No wonder it's such a crowd pleaser!
Find it in: 
Single note perfumes (roll on $10 & spray $30
On the other hand, I love sandalwood so much that I have to talk myself out of putting it in literally EVERYTHING. It's mellow, rich, sweet, nutty, woody, and gets me feeling grounded like nothing else. Actually, I changed my mind. The combination of sandalwood and vanilla together is out of this world and I highly suggest having both on hand at all times. ;) 
Find it in: 
Single note perfumes (roll on $10 & spray $30
Have you ever tired aromatherapy to change your mood? What are your go-to scents? I'd love to hear what you think of my picks!

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