December's Surprise Scent Mood Board

December's Surprise Scent Mood Board

There's just one week left to sign up for December's Surprise Scent, which means it's time for a mood board hint!

December Surprise Scent Monthly Mood Board


What could it be?

Which sweet, spicy, cozy, gourmand scent from the Twinkle Apothecary archives could this image possibly be referencing???

It's a tricky one, I know!


This one is going to be a solid perfume, packaged in a handy and biodegradable paperboard tube.


You can buy just this one for $30, sign up for the monthly subscription for $25, or get a 3, 6, or 12 month pre-paid plan for even more savings.

(And what a fun gift that would be, right? A year of surprise healthy treats?!)

Whatever option you choose, be sure to sign up by December 14th at noon. These ship out on the 15th, so they will arrive in time for Christmas!

Click here to get on the list for December's Surprise Scent.

I've had so much fun making all of the surprise fragrances for subscribers this year, and I'm looking forward to sending more sweet (or spicy, or earthy, or floral...) scents in 2024.

To recap, here's what Surprise Scent subscribers got this year:

January - Dope Queen (roll-on)

February - Flutter (spray)

March - Bloom (solid) 

April - Tuberose Vert (spray)

May - Nag Champa (spray) 

June - Summer Saturdays (spray)

July - Goddess (roll-on)

August - Tonic (spray)

September - Amber Spice (spray)

October - Cardigan (roll-on)

November - Amber Fir (spray)

I have years and years of Twinkle favorites in the archives to pull from, so there's PLENTY more where that came from.

And don't worry if you missed any of these - you can actually order them any time from the archives, here.

Cheers to a happy December full of sweet, comforting, natural fragrances!




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