Brows Liner and Lashes with Cocoa Eye Tint (Video!)

Brows Liner and Lashes with Cocoa Eye Tint (Video!)

Behold, I've finally done it. I'm mortified but it's too late now. 

I did this in one take and it's completely un-edited and un-filtered... my favorite part is when I DROP THE BRUSH ON THE GROUND BUT PICK IT UP AND USE IT ANYWAY. 🙈 


Get ready to be up close and personal with me... this is the first in probably a million videos, in which I plan to demonstrate one product, or one part of my face at a time. Here, I'm walking you through how I do my brows, eyeliner, and mascara using cocoa eye tint. I'll also do a bronze eye tint video later so you can see the difference. I guess black at some point too...  

One thing I'd like to clarify - I kind of make it sound like it's DEFINITELY GOING TO SMUDGE in this video, and truthfully, it might - that's why I don't put eye tint on my lower lashes. But for me, the smudging is very minimal... hopefully that's obvious by the fact that I wear this as my mascara every single day?! If I notice that it has smudged, I just swipe my finger under my eye to wipe it off. And like I say in the video, it always stays put for me as a liner, and in my brows.🤷🏻‍♀️

Anyway, here you go - a makeup video for the rest of us! 


Products used: Translucent mattifying powder 

Artestile eyelash curler 

Cocoa Eye Tint 

Eye Tint Duo Brush 

Petal Lip + Cheek Tint 

And again, sadly I'm not able to reply to messages posted in the comments of this blog, but you can always email me if you have questions or post it below and I'll get back to you and/or work the answer into the next one! 

Hope this helps! 


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