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All About Adore

It's Perfume June, which is a holiday I just made up to celebrate my natural perfumes! 
In honor of this momentous occasion, I'd like to take the opportunity to re-introduce each of my 15 signature fragrances one by one, starting with the first on the list alphabetically, Adore. 
Whether it's an old favorite, or you're on the fence about giving it a shot, I hope you enjoy learning more about one of my most popular scents! 
Official description: 
So sweet. Twinkle Apothecary's Adore fragrance is a warm, clean blend of vanilla, grapefruit, rose, and cedarwood. It goes on citrusy, bright, and floral, then mellows into a sweet, smoky, creamy fragrance that you can't help but, well... adore! 
How it got its name: 
Basically, I wanted to make an earthier, more complex version of this vanilla-grapefruit-y scent I used to wear while I was dating a guy who was learning to speak French and always used to tell me, "J'adore." HAHA. Yes, I'm serious... But also, I just liked that it was a sweet word for a sweet, cozy scent! 
What it's made of: 
adore essential oils
Pure vanilla from a co2 extraction, pink grapefruit essential oil, rosa damascena absolute from Morocco, and Virginia cedarwood essential oil. That's it! 
Orange! Thanks to the combination of the vanilla, grapefruit, and deep orange/red rose absolute. 
This is a medium-thick fragrance oil, mostly due to the high vanilla content. Some sediment at the bottom of the bottle is to be expected with this one. 
Top notes: 
Sweet vanilla, and bright, citrusy grapefruit. It's very sunshine-y when it first hits your nose! 
Middle notes: 
Rich, sweet floral rose. I love that the Moroccan rosa damascena absolute is so warm and comforting. 
Base notes: 
The creaminess of the vanilla, mixed with the smokiness of the cedarwood. It always makes me think of a summer evening bonfire. 
Aromatherapy benefits: 
Vanilla is an aphrodisiac, pink grapefruit is a mood booster, rose is heart opening, and cedarwood is extremely relaxing. This is a perfect scent for when you want to unwind and have a romantic evening. Even if you're by yourself! 
Pairs well with: 
Basic, Bad Hombre, Beau Spice, French Girl, Florcore, Goddess, Nasty Woman
Give it your own unique twist by adding
Lemon, lime, neroli, bergamot, lavender, chamomile, patchouli, sandalwood, amber, coffee, cinnamon, clove, frankincense 
Staying power: 
Strong. The vanilla and cedarwood anchor this fragrance, leaving a sweet, smoky, creamy scent lingering on your skin for a very long time. 
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