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A Guide to Refills and Recycling

This is so simple, I'm not even sure why I'm posting it, other than the fact that people have been asking me for a "recycling guide" for a couple of years now. 

uhhhh... here you go? 😬

recycling guide twinkle apothecary

Listen - don't be an aspirational recycler. Clean out your jars. Toss the caps in the trash.


Not sure if something is recyclable? When in doubt, throw it out. 

Feel free to check with your local recycling facility to see if they'll accept the small metal caps, but don't add them to your bin "just in case" they're recyclable. 

Don't have glass recycling in your area? Mail your clean bottles back to me and I'll put them in my recycling for you. Heads up though: if you don't clean them out, they will go in the trash. I already spend a solid hour (sometimes more) doing the dishes and cleaning up my production studio each day and I'm not about to do more washing. 


I can't pay for the shipping on this, but I'll give you 10 twinkle stars for each package of recyclable bottles you send back, how about that? Just be sure to include the email attached to your account in the package. 


And no, I'm sorry, I can't reuse the bottles at this time. I don't have the ability to properly re-sanitize everything. Maybe someday though! 

Mail to: Twinkle Apothecary 220 NW 13th ST STE 5, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73103


is this "guide" a little disappointing? 

Yeah... recycling be like that sometimes. 

The best thing you can do to avoid creating more waste is to repurpose your bottles or take advantage of the refill options that I offer for all of the dry/powder products online. 

Please leave your favorite repurposing ideas in the comments of this post or tag me on instagram so I can share it with everyone! 

And if you're local, lucky you, because you can JUST BRING IN YOUR BOTTLE FOR A REFILL! 🎉

Here's everything you need to know about in-store refills: 


* Edit: All over oil is $16 for 2oz and $40 for 8 oz

So simple, right?

My system won't allow me to respond to questions posted in the blog comments but you can always email me if you need more info. 

I'll see you for a refill soon!