A 90 second hydrating skincare routine to get you glowing in the AM

A 90 second hydrating skincare routine to get you glowing in the AM

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

I've said it a million times before, but I'll say it again. 
You don't need soap, suds, or foam to wash your face in the mornings. 
But especially in the mornings.
If you go to bed with a clean face, try giving your skin a break when you wake up! 
THIS is my current favorite routine. 
It smells like heaven, makes you glow like crazy, is great for all skin types, and takes less than two minutes. (SERIOUSLY!) 
Here's what you need: 
1. Rose Hydrosol ($14) 
- Hydrating/prevents moisture loss 
- Balances sebum (oil) production 
- Antibacterial properties (good for treating blemishes) 
- Anti-aging 
- Soothing 
- Smells like a bouquet 
2. Facial Oil ($12/$35) 
- Regenerating/healing/anti-aging 
- Evens skintone 
- Dissolves sebum (oil) buildup
- Does not clog pores
- Hydrating
- Soothing
- Soaks in quickly
3. Eye Serum ($14) *optional* 
- Reduces puffiness 
- Repairs fine lines 
- Tightens skin 
- There's coffee in it 
Here's what you do: 
1. Generously spray your face with rose hydrosol. Instead of patting dry, give your face a little massage by rubbing your fingertips in circular motions all over your skin.
2. While your skin is still damp, massage 3-5 drops of facial oil into your skin. The key is to work quickly, while your skin is wet, to lock in the hydration from the rose hydrosol. Plus, the aromatherapy combination of rose + neroli is just the happiest way to start the day. 
3. Roll eye serum into your under-eye area and up into your brow bone. Lightly tap/massage any excess oil into your skin. This step is completely optional, for those who want a little extra help with the skin around their eyes. 
4. Admire your glow. You're gorgeous. And you just spent less than two minutes giving yourself a hella luxurious facial. With about $40-$60 worth of product, total. Yay you. 
If you have dry skin or just love to be extra, follow with a light layer of facial balm or beauty butter. (If you're not sure which one, read this.) If you have acne prone skin, follow with acne spot treatment over your problem areas.
Otherwise, that's it! Get on with your day! 

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