So long, January!

So long, January!

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

I can't even believe the first month of 2016 is almost over. 
I guess I have been pretty busy...
I mean, what kind of a crazy lady releases 10 new products in one month?!
(This one, apparently!) 
First it was our new skincare products... 
and hair oil... 
Then, this week, I guess I went a little nuts with fragrance
(What can I say?! I want you to be prepared for V-Day, or as I call it, "Treat Yourself Day!") 
AND I have even more tricks up my sleeve that I'll be working on over the weekend... 
I can't wait to share them with you! 
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(Also, yes, we are still offering a free brush with every hair oil purchase!)
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
*I've got to get back to work*
-XO- Stefanie  

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