Perfume and Aromatherapy

Perfume and Aromatherapy

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Because one of our favorite things about using perfumes crafted from essential oils is how well they can match our moods... 
French Girl: 
Rose: heart opening, relaxing, emotionally uplifting 
Amber (benzoin, labdanum, vanilla): calming, grounding, stress relieving, aphrodisiac 
Sandalwood: balancing, grounding 
Patchouli: calming, aphrodisiac 
Pink Mafia: 
Grapefruit: euphoria inducing 
Rose: heart opening, relaxing, emotionally uplifting
Violet Leaf: helps overcome fear and shyness
Black Pepper: stimulating, energizing
Bergamot: promotes happiness
Jasmine: antidepressant
Neroli: relaxing
Sandalwood: balancing, grounding
Vanilla: aphrodisiac 
Orange: mood-lifter 
Lavender: balancing, relaxing 
Lemon: refreshing, rejuvenating 
Why do you wear it?

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