Think Pink Mafia!

Think Pink Mafia!

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

For some, pink is just one of the many colors in the rainbow. 
For others, it is THE ONLY. 
Although it's typically thought of as a "sweet" color, I happen to think that there's a pretty fair amount of boldness to be attributed to all of the grown women out there who continue to pull it off without hesitation. 
Ladies like Madonna, Baddie Winkle, Helen Mirren, Mindy Kaling, Pink… these are the women I had in mind when I designed this fragrance. 
 Pink Mafia goes on ultra fresh, zingy, spicy, and warm;
but as it wears, the classically floral rose, and earthy, bold violet bloom into an unapologetically sweet (NOT sugary) bouquet of... well, roses and violets.
It's audaciously pretty. 
Not to mention:
uplifting, energizing, confidence boosting...
 Wear this one, and you're in the above mentioned cool girls' club for sure. 
Pink Mafia is a beautiful perfume, but the matching deodorant, body powder, and dry shampoo are every bit as lovely. (Truthfully, this is my favorite Twinkle deodorant fragrance!) 
Wearing them all together makes you smell like heaven.
(Totally unbiased opinion here… ha!) 
But seriously, try and and you'll see what I mean! 
-XO- Stefanie 

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