Top 5 Reasons To Use Body Powder

Top 5 Reasons To Use Body Powder

 Okay, the concept of using a "dusting powder" on the daily might seem a bit… old-school.

(Truthfully, I got the idea to make my body + foot powders from my grandma!) 

But bear with me (and granny) here, because you're about to have your beauty routine upgraded by 1000%

I started using body powder a few months ago, and I am absolutely addicted.

Like, where has this luxurious, luscious goodness been all my life?!

I say, it's high time we bring this vintage grooming habit back - with 100% natural, plant based ingredients of course! 

Here are a few of my favorite reasons why:

1. It absorbs moisture due to sweat and humidity. 

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but if you haven't tried it, you have no idea what you're missing! It's basically deodorant that you can apply anywhere on your body. (And yes, I do mean a n y w h e r e !) You know when you take a nice warm, steamy shower, and then you're too sticky to get dressed? (Or, ugh, blow-dry your hair?!) That's when this stuff really comes in handy. Or, when you're on a tropical vacation, and you wanted to look cute but you just feel like you're fully dressed in a sauna? LIFESAVER! It keeps you from melting into a puddle on the floor while making your skin feel incredibly soft to the touch. Seriously, where has it been all my life?! 

2. It keeps body acne at bay. 
Think about it: breakouts happen when your body produces excess amounts of oil, and it mixes (or gets stuck in a pore with) the bacteria on your skin. And we all know that bacteria likes to multiply in moist environments. Our body powder not only stops the excess moisture from collecting on your skin, but it also adds the antibacterial, antiseptic properties of a little tea tree oil with the gently cleansing properties of a little kaolin clay and baking soda. Basically, your occasional breakouts don't stand a chance with this stuff! (Side note - I'm speaking from personal experience here, not actually marketing my products as a cure for acne! If you're struggling, definitely be sure to see a dermatologist!) 
3. It protects your feet (and shoes!)  
This is my absolute favorite use for my body + foot powder. I guess since we're talking about fun stuff like sweat and bacne here, you all should know that my feet get sweaty (and stinky) sometimes too! I mean, it happens to everyone occasionally, right?! Well, I've found that sprinkling a little bit of this on my pups before I put on my socks and shoes not only keeps my feet smelling sweet, but it also keeps them so much more comfortable! In the summer, I tend to over lotion my feet before I put on my sandals, then I end up slipping and sliding around in my heels which is just a good way to get a blister, (or worse, fall and sprain an ankle!) but, a little dusting of powder helps keep everything in place. In the winter, it keeps me from getting cold and clammy in my boots. Keeping your feet dry will also help extend the life of your beautiful shoes! Something to think about while we're speaking of upgrades, no?!   
4. It gives your signature scent even better staying power! 
Oh yeah… it also smells really, really good. Have I mentioned that about my products yet?! ;) But don't worry! We're not talking old school "department store perfume" scents here. You're not going to be choking everyone you walk past! I like to think that Twinkle Apothecary's fragrances are more about finding the joy and luxury in your everyday self care rituals, as opposed to leaving a trail of perfume everywhere you go. Our body + foot powder is more subtle and a little cleaner (more fresh) than the matching perfume, thanks to the added tea tree oil. I just love the idea of matching my fragrances, (instead of layering on a new scent with every single product that I apply) so I can keep smelling my favorite things longer! 
 5. Actually, it makes your whole life (gym bag, suitcase, laundry basket, sheets, carpet, car...) smell better.
It may be called body powder, but it doesn't just absorb moisture and control bacteria on your skin. You can sprinkle it pretty much anywhere you want to keep icky odors at bay! I highly recommend dusting some in your sneakers and gym gear, and I love the idea of sprinkling a little bit on my bed sheets in the summer to keep myself cool and dry (although, right now I'm going to bed in sweaters and socks!) Personally, I feel like using it on your carpet would be a waste of some awesome arrowroot flour and kaolin clay, (you're probably better off just mixing up some of your favorite essential oils with plain old baking soda,) but I can definitely see myself trying it in a pinch. And dusting my favorite fragrance around in my car could have made my time as a commuter in Los Angeles waaaaaaaay more enjoyable! 
Honorable mention: It works as a dry shampoo too! 
I prefer using Twinkle Apothecary's own dry shampoo because the rice flour adds so much volume without leaving behind any white residue, but if you can't get both, the body powder will absorb excess oils on your scalp and make your hair smell pretty too!  
So, are you starting to see why I'm obsessed with this stuff now? 
Have you ever tried using a body powder? 
Have any cool uses for it that I haven't listed here?! DO TELL!! 
-XO- Stefanie 

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