New! Earn EVEN MORE Twinkle Star Rewards!

New! Earn EVEN MORE Twinkle Star Rewards!

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

So… I've decided to tweak the Twinkle Star rewards program a bit…
What can I say? I just really love the idea of rewarding my customer's for repeat purchases.
 (Also because I know that once you try my deodorant you're going to be hooked!)
Now, you can earn a $5 discount after creating an account and spending your first $50… i.e., a set of one perfume, body powder, and deodorant in your favorite Twinkle fragrance!
And don't worry, creating an account does NOT mean that I'm going to bug you… but I'll save my thoughts on email marketing for a different day. :)
What are you waiting for?!
-XO- Stefanie
Which set is your favorite?

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