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7 things I liked last week...

Because I've been dying to blog some more but I haven't had time! If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen some of these already, and if you don't... you're welcome! 

1. When celebrities like Elle Macpherson and Kate Hudson say exactly all of the things I keep saying all of the time! #butdonttakemywordforit 

2. Facial massages. So many facial massages

3. Wait, we're supposed to be wearing perfume to attract men? WHOOPS. Who knew?!

4. I've recently come to the conclusion that washing my face in the mornings is kind of pointless. (A spritz of rose hydrosol followed by facial oil has worked like a charm for me this week!)  

5. Surprised to learn that I can really get down with Mariah Carey's advice

6. I need a beet salad with an infusion STAT. #frenchgirlatheart 

7. I KNEW IT!! (Bath salts, anyone??)