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3 Lip Balm Hacks to Minimize Your Beauty Routine

I'm quite proud of many (okay, all) of the products that I make, but there is definitely an extra special place in my heart for my original formula lip balm. 
Not only is it extremely effective at preventing (and healing) chapped lips, but it's ultra smooth, never sticky, smells light and fresh, and highlights my lips with a subtle gloss that makes me look and feel naturally dewy. 
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the big ol' biodegradable and recyclable push up tube. 
Real talk - you'll probably lose this lip balm before you can use it up... 
That is, unless, you incorporate it into other parts of your beauty routine! 
Here are my top three favorite hacks for my original (lavender & chamomile) lip balm: 
1. A hair pomade 
The natural, moisturizing oils and plant based waxes in this balm are perfect for taming flyways and adding texture to your hairstyle. 
Here's how I use it: 
a. I rub the lip balm into my palms and rub my hands together,
just like this... I'm not sure why we need a video for it, but people are always asking me for them, so here you go... lol 
(A little goes a long way - start with a small amount, you can always add more!) 
b. I smooth my hands over the top of my hair to smooth down flyaway and frizzes, 
and I 
c. rub and scrunch the balm on the ends of my hair - it moisturizes my ends and adds just a bit of piece-y texture to my natural, no fuss kind of bedhead-y/I'm embracing my natural hair style - but I also use it to smooth everything out and make my hair look more "lived in" if I've heat styled my hair or used a curling iron. I keep it low key... in both my beauty routine and my video production skills... 
2. A brow tamer 
I don't do a lot to my brows because they're naturally pretty dark and bold, (especially compared to my bleach blonde or rainbow hair) but sometimes they have a mind of their own, and the waxes in this balm help keep them in place and make me feel a bit more polished.  
Here's how I use it: 
a. I rub the lip balm onto my fingertips and 
b. rub my fingertips into my brows - 
c. brush them into place with an eyebrow brush 
So easy - no extra brow makeup required! 
Left: Before - Right: After 
Not a huge difference, just ever so slightly more polished. FYI, I'm wearing a BB cream, translucent mattifying powder, and blush pink lip tint on my lips and cheeks, and I'm leaving these photos unfiltered so you can see the color - or, lack thereof - but I'll post more about my no-makeup-makeup routine later... 
3. Moisturizing salve  
You can actually use this lip balm anywhere on your body that needs some soothing, protective moisture. It's perfect for when you're on the go, especially if you're trying to minimize the products that you carry around with you everyday! 
I've used it: 
- to soothe itchy bug bites 
- on my elbows 
- as a cuticle cream 
- to heal random bumps, bruises, and scrapes
And I'm sure there are other uses that I haven't gotten to test out yet! 
Not bad for one little $10 product, am I right? 
Minimalism FTW! 
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