The Most Romantic Perfumes for Valentine's Day

The Most Romantic Perfumes for Valentine's Day

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It's that time of year again! 

Time to lean into romance by indulging in something that feels decadent and luxurious.

And what better way to do that than with a beautiful natural perfume?

Technically, all perfumes are romantic. I mean, they exist for no other purpose than to celebrate the beauty and the lushness of nature! I can't think of anything more romantic than choosing a bottle filled with the sweetest flowers, herbs, and trees to apply to your body, whether for a special occasion, or just to fill a regular day with a bit more pleasure.

But I do happen to have a few perfumes in my collection that scream:


 Because they evoke the scents and sensations of everything associated with a traditional V-Day celebration, like bouquets of fresh flowers, boxes of chocolates, and everything soft, sensual, rich, and sultry. 

Even if you're not someone who typically goes for sweet, rich, floral, and sultry kind of perfumes, sometimes it's fun to try them on for a special occasion or date night.

If you're intrigued, check out this video of my favorite Valentine's perfume picks:

First up, obviously, I have to go with Rose. It's a classic!

twinkle apothecary rose perfume ROSE LAYERING FRAGRANCE

If you think you don't like rose perfumes, you've probably never smelled one made with real roses. You can also probably stop reading this post now because all of the fragrances I'm going to share with you here contain rose!

Or, you can be cool and try this dynamic and lively blend of Moroccan, Bulgarian, and Rose de Mai absolutes. Rose wears beautifully with many of my other layering fragrances, but my favorites if you're going for *romance* are cream, sandalwood, earth, soft musk, and cedar.

If you're not into layering, you can always choose the build your own scent option instead to design your own custom rosy perfume!

From the Archives:

Next up, Date Night.

Oh, la la!

This is one of my personal favorites because it feels so decadent (I'm all about rich, floral, sultry perfumes) without being cloying. Date Night is sweet, spicy, floral, a bit fruity, and sweet - with a fair amount of cocoa absolute and vanilla CO2 - but that little hint of patchouli in the finish really puts it over the top!

Then, there's Adore.

Adore is a very soft, simple, and dear blend of pink grapefruit, vanilla, rose, and cedarwood. This is part of the Twinkle Signature Fragrance collection, which means it's been a favorite since I released it with matching body care products in 2016!

Of course, I have to include Flutter.

This is a classic blend of rose and jasmine, with sweet cardamom and warm sandalwood. All of my favorite things! Pro-tip: layer this one with Amber or Cream for extra romance.


For something more complex, Rose Cream has it all!

rose cream perfume twinkle apothecary


It goes on bright, refreshing, and sweet, with fresh lemon, ruby red grapefruit and almond. Warm and fuzzy subtle floral notes with spices and coffee make the heart of this scent feel cozy and wearable. Smooth woods with tobacco and vetiver linger on the skin without overpowering. The overall effect is just, YUM. Perfect for V-Day.

Last but not least, I recommend Crushed Tuberose.

This is a sophisticated-yet-soft white floral has a comforting, sweet earthy finish.


This perfume is so intricate that I think it really shines in cooler weather, and if you love florals (as you know I do!) I think you'll appreciate how Crushed Tuberose pushes right up to the edge of being over-the-top without *actually* being too much. Because romance without the drama is what we all really want on Valentines day, right? 

Scroll down to explore more of these delicious natural fragrances, and I wish you the happiest of love days!


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