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Everyday Clean Shampoo (Video!)



Hi! I wanted to share this IGTV video as a blog post because I ran out of time but have a few more things to say about this shampoo... 

  • I forgot to mention that there is an adjustment period. If you have a lot of buildup on your hair/scalp you may see some flakes at first while your scalp sloughs off the gunk. I worry that people give up on this shampoo before they get to the point where their scalp feels amazing and their hair feels fuller than ever because they think it's causing flakes. This is temporary. Stick with it and you'll see what I mean. 

  • If that's the case for you, this DIY salt scrub will help speed up the exfoliation process. Pour about a tablespoon of a fine to medium grain salt (I use pink himalayan) into your hand. Step into the shower and wet your hair while keeping the hand with the salt out of the stream of water. Pump some conditioner into the hand with the salt and mix them together. Massage into your scalp using small circular motions. Rinse it out, then wash and condition per usual. You can do this as often as necessary. I do it about once a month.  

  • Here is a FANTASTIC article to help you decide how often you should be washing your hair. I've mentioned much of this in instagram Q&As in the past (re: dandruff and yeast,) and, what can I say, I like having my knowledge validated by professionals. Please read:
  • In case you didn't read the article, we've been taught by internet wellness people that shampooing is damaging for our hair and should be done as infrequently as possible. FALSE. Perhaps that's true if you're using a garbage product, but this is gentle enough to use as often as you like. The no'poo thing doesn't work for everyone. Your scalp needs to be exfoliated. If you're concerned about dryness, be sure to follow with conditioner, and work a drop or two of hair oil into your hair as it dries. Hair tonic is a more lightweight option for moisturizing and relieving dry scalp. Learn how to air dry your hair, at least on the weekends if you feel you need to be more "polished" for work. 

  • You will notice some separation of the ingredients in the bottle. This is normal. Doesn't hurt to give it a shake before using. 

  • You will probably also notice that hairline and body/back breakouts occur less frequently with this product. In the past I pretty much always had breakouts on the nape of my neck. They stopped when I started using this shampoo exclusively.  

  • This shampoo is the perfect way to clean your makeup brushes - especially your eye tint brush! It's so much better than hand soap, trust me. 

  • Yes, I am considering making this in an aluminum bottle, but fair warning - it will raise the price. 

  • People think I know how to pronounce everything but I don't. 😜 

  • If you are using this shampoo and loving it, please give it a review! 

  • Don't be afraid of having clean hair. 

  • Thank you for your time. XO.

- Stefanie -