How to Use Wave Spray + Pomade (Video!)

How to Use Wave Spray + Pomade (Video!)


I'm working on making videos for all of my products (so you can hear what I have to say about them in-person while my shop is closed!) and I thought I'd repost these on the blog together to demonstrate how they work as a set. 

Things I forgot to say in the videos: 

Wave Spray also contains aloe vera which helps moisturize and protect hair. It also gives the water a thicker, more gel-like texture, so it's not like you're just wetting down your hair with regular water. 

Wave Pomade also makes a great eyebrow tamer and beard balm. I mentioned that it's a similar formula to a lip balm in the video, but I want to share that I do not recommend putting it on your lips. (Salty!) 

I also just want to reiterate - even though I talk about how I made these products to meet a need for myself (with my fine, straight hair that I don't want to style,) these products are great for all hair types, especially coarse and curly hair. They can also be used if you choose to heat style your hair. If I were to curl my hair I would absolutely start by misting my hair with the wave spray to add texture and help my hair hold curl. Naturally wavy/curly hair types love these products!

Anyway, I hope these videos are helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions for me!

- Stefanie -  




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