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My Favorite Tea Latte Recipe

Oh, hi! It's me again, uploading another instagram story onto youtube and then my blog... is this weird?

I just want to make sure everyone sees the things that I get lots of questions about! 

I mentioned in my last post that I was off coffee due to my food allergy issues - and, I know, honestly I never thought I'd see the day - but I feel so much better living the tea life that I wouldn't go back to coffee even if it didn't turn my face beet red. 🙃

Seriously, I look forward to my morning coconut milk tea latte just as much as I used to look forward to my morning pour over, only maybe more, because it doesn't make me feel jittery or crash by lunchtime. It's just a nice, delicious, uplifting way to wake up that feels very healing and hydrating.

I also think there's something about loose leaf teas that make me feel more connected to nature and the plants that I'm consuming - I guess because you can see, touch, and smell the dried leaves, berries, and everything else that goes into one of these beautiful blends - it just feels like a more mindful (and lovely) way to start the day. Not to mention that it's a lot more tasty than any tea from a teabag that I've ever had... 

By the way can I rave about these two beautiful herbal blends I just added to my shop? 

This is Sweet Almond, which smells and tastes like apple pie, AND it turns pink when it steeps thanks to beetroot! 

(looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?) 

And this is cinnamon plum, which is just so cozy and delicious, I think it might be my new favorite. It turns a deep reddish purple when you brew it due to hibiscus and currants. 😍

Anyway, the following video and step-by-step instructions will show you exactly how I make my tea lattes. I use powdered coconut milk because it's the most allergy friendly milk that I've found, and I love being able to froth it up! You could really use any milk, but I highly recommend powdered coconut milk because it's so creamy and delicious. I find it in the baking aisle of most natural grocery stores (here in OKC it's always available at Sprouts and Natural Grocers - unless I've just been in and bought it all - HA!) But you can also order it online


Step 1 - brew a pot of tea 

You can really use any kind of tea - I typically go for a black tea in the morning (like earl grey cream or caramel black) and I love making rooibos winter warmth lattes at night with a dash of turmeric added. I also love adding a little carob powder when I make a moroccan mint green tea latte! Just follow the brewing instructions for the tea you're using! For most of the teas I carry in my shop, this tablespoon will scoop close enough to the right amount for a 20-24 oz pot of tea. 

And I have to add that this is where brewing tea in a teapot (as opposed to a single serving mug) really comes in handy - you can fill your cup up halfway and go crazy frothing the milk, then fill it up all the way with no worries about splashing tea out of your cup. Plus you can have about two and a half lattes (depending on the size of your mug) without having to wait for more tea to brew. Sounds like a perfect excuse to invest in this guy, am I right? 

Pro tip: my stove has a "warming" burner, which is where I leave my teapot to keep it nice and warm until I'm ready for a second cup - you could also probably just set it on any burner on the very lowest setting but do be careful when you pick it up! 

2. Add sweetener (optional) and milk into your cup! 

I use coconut sugar, but agave syrup, maple, regular sugar, or no sweetener at all is perfectly appropriate. If you're using a non-powdered milk, you may want to warm it up and froth it separately, then add it to your cup after you pour in your tea... but, I love that with the powdered milk there's actually more room for tea. This is also a good time to add anything extra, like a dash of cinnamon or cocoa powder...

3. Fill up your cup about halfway with tea and froth 

If you fill it up too full it's going to splash all over the place and you're going to be sad. By the way I picked up this milk frother for $6.99 at Target. 

4. Fill your cup up the rest of the way 


 Now you're ready for the day.