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Loose Leaf Teas - Urban Teahouse 🍵

Urban Teahouse

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Whether you're trying to kick your coffee habit or just want a healthy, anti-oxidant rich and flavorful way to hydrate, these loose leaf tea's from Oklahoma City's Urban Teahouse are the perfect compliment to your twinkle* self care ritual. 

Loose leaf teas are a zero-waste alternative to tea bags, and they're about a million times more flavorful - if you've never tried brewing a real cup of tea prepare to have your mind blown by these seasonal blends! 🤯 

A full bodied black tea with sweet bits of cream caramel make for a yummy morning treat!  

Tea Type: black tea
Caffeine Level: full
Ingredients black tea, caramel pieces 

Brewing Instructions

Temperature: 212º F
Amount per 8oz: 1 teaspoon
Steep time: 4 minutes

Honestly, we chose this one for the beautiful, healing helichrysum flowers it contains, but if you could smell this fruity, warm blend through your screen you'd snap up a tin without a second thought! Drink it while you're having a cozy spa day (or, while you're at work wishing you were having a spa day...) 

Tea Type:  white tea
Caffeine Level: medium
Ingredients:  white tea, star anise, helichrysum flower, natural flavor.

Brewing Instructions

Temperature: 180-185º F
Amount per 8oz: 1 teaspoon
Steep time: 3-4 minutes

Who doesn't love a refreshing cup of classic minty green tea in the afternoon? This medium bodied green tea with cool peppermint will keep you going without the crash. 

Tea Type: green tea 

Caffeine Level: medium 

Ingredients: Chinese green tea (gunpowder) and peppermint 

Brewing Instructions 

Temperature: 195º 

Amount per 8oz: 1 teaspoon

Steep time: 2 minutes

This caffeine-free blend of sweet spices is the perfect way to unwind (and warm up) at the end of a winter's day. Try it with your favorite dairy-free milk for a tasty treat! (Note: contains nuts) 

Tea Type: rooibos (red) tea 

Caffeine Level: none 

Ingredients: rooibos, cinnamon, almond bits, cardamom husks, natural flavor, cardamom seeds

Brewing Instructions 

Temperature: 212º 

Amount per 8oz: 1 teaspoon 

Steep time: 5 minutes 

A traditional earl grey black tea with creamy vanilla added. The perfect way to start your day! 

Tea Type: black tea 

Caffeine Level: full 

Ingredients: Ceylon tea with bergamot oil, vanilla flavoring

Brewing Instructions

Temperature: 212º F
Amount per 8oz: 1 level teaspoon
Time: 3 minutes

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