a lazy dry shampoo tutorial for easy hair days

A Lazy Dry Shampoo Tutorial for Easy Hair Days

Hi hi! 

Gosh, I've been really missing this blog lately. I just have so much to share with you all, but there's never enough time! (I'm not complaining - I'm very happy that you're keeping me busy with the making and the shipping, so more of that please. 😉) 

Speaking of time, I get lots of requests for video tutorials... 

and if you've ever tried to edit video and upload it to youtube, you know that that could pretty much be a full time job in itself. Not to mention setting up the tripod, trying to find the right angle when it's just you, running back and forth between the camera and wherever has the best lighting... 

I mean, much respect to the bloggers who make it look so easy, but I'm trying to run a handmade business over here and my hands are FULL. 

But alas, you need to know how to use the products. And apparently you need video. 

So when I got a request for a dry shampoo video the other day, I figured I'd just take you through my full morning hair care routine via instagram. And then I decided to post it here on the blog in all of its glory so we have a nice little reference.  

First of all, can I just say that for someone who has a beauty business, I feel like I am ridiculously low maintenance. I always feel a little bit embarrassed when you guys ask me how to do things because I feel like you're expecting some fancy beauty queen who looks perfect all the time and has just the right technique that's going to blow your mind... 

but I'm really just a single mom who's trying to get out the door as fast as possible in the mornings so I can get my work done. I have so many things on my mind (and so many perfumes to create!) that the way my hair looks is pretty far down the list of things I worry about. Especially considering that I live (and walk around outside every day) in one of the windiest places in America. (Rogers and Hammerstein were definitely not exaggerating about the wind sweeping through the plains, y'all.) 

I actually haven't heat styled my hair in ages. It sees the blow dryer every 2-3 months or so at the hair salon and that's it. I bleach it platinum (my one green beauty vice!) because I think my natural color is very boring and it's also in an awkward lots-of-gray-but-not-enough-to-look-cool phase... 

So the low-maintenance, no-fuss, hand tossed, let it do what it wants in the wind (French girl, maybe even?!) bed head look serves two purposes - it saves my fine, processed hair from getting fried, and saves me a lot of time in the mornings. Plus, ya know, I think it's looks alright. Haha! 

I highly recommend learning how to embrace/work with your natural texture (or in my case, lack thereof...) and find a low-key hair routine that works for you. You can always get fancy and blow it out/curl it if you're in the mood, but I've found that leaving it alone and letting it do its own thing is incredibly freeing. Also, I have a very talented hair stylist who knows how to cut my layers just perfectly because I am very upfront with her about how I style my hair. Meaning: how I don't... 

So if you're wanting to transition into a more natural look, find yourself a professional who gets you and your hair type and it'll be a whole lot easier.

That being said, here's my routine:

On this day, I was on my 3rd day after shampooing (meaning I washed my hair on Monday and captured this on a Wednesday) but the routine is the same every day on the days I don't wash my hair. I don't need much dry shampoo on the second day, and I use a little bit more on the third day, but that's the only difference. I wash my hair about 2 times per week usually. 

Step 1: Brush 

My hair is very fine and the longer it gets the more tangled it gets, so I have to detangle it first thing, and I absolutely love these wooden bristle brushes because they don't break my hair or cause static! 

2: Toss it up 

You want a high bun that's not too tight. The hair ties I have are perfect for this, or you could use a scrunchie. If you have short hair, do a half bun and leave the bottom layers down. The bun is so you A) don't get it wet in the shower, and B) to add a bit of volume and loose waves. (Side note you should totally be able to add instagram story gifs to your blog without having to upload them to youtube in 2018. If anyone knows how to do this, you're hired.) 

I oil cleanse my face in the morning (and gua sha) before I get in the shower. But more on my morning skincare routine later... 

3. Texturizing Wave Spray

For, you know... texture and waves. 

4. Grab your handy-dandy refillable brush. 

Or use a dish and an old makeup brush if you're opposed to plastic. I personally love the convenience of the brush and love that it's mess free and dispenses just the right amount of product. 

5. Apply   

This is the part where it feels embarrassingly simple and I wonder what you were expecting to see in a video... but this is it you guys. Sorry? 

6. Brush and polish (optional) 

You can stop there or your can brush it out with a natural bristle brush for more shine. I highly recommend the wave pomade to finish for more piece-y texture that actually conditions your hair. 


*drops* 🎤


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If you have questions, unfortunately I can't respond to comments below, but please feel free to hmu in the forum under lovely lady locks

Hope this helps! 




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