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A Beginner's Guide to Using Facial Oil

Facial oil kind of sounds like bad news, doesn't it? 
I think we all spent our formative teenage skincare years trying to keep oil away from our face at all costs. I remember that every face wash was advertised as being "oil free" - actually, it might still be? I don't know, I never watch TV or shop for face wash anymore...
As a teen, however, I definitely got the message. 
Oil = Bad. 
But you know what? 
It's actually not. It's not bad at all. Your skin needs oil! That's why it does such a good job of producing its own. Oil protects and moisturizes your face. And stripping it off with harsh cleansers can actually cause your face to overproduce oil, which explains so much our teenage stress, right? We were all like, "Grr... why is my face so greasy??? I just keep washing it over and over with this oil free Neutrogena?? WHY AM I SO GROSS?!!!"
Or was that just me?  
One thing I wish I'd known a lot sooner - like before I spent all of that money on those dang Clean & Clear blotting papers - is that all my face needed to balance itself was a little bit of oil. I know it sounds crazy, but adding oil to your face keeps it from producing too much. 
So, if you're worried about putting oil on your face because your face is already oily, here's what you do:
1. Take a deep breath.
2. Put some oil on your face anyway.
Like, just try it! What's the worst that could happen?  
The end. 
Okay, I'm joking.
Kind of... 
Here are some real tips to keep in mind if you want to balance your skin but are afraid of oil: 
1. Start really, really small. 
twinkle apothecary facial oil mini
Start with 1 drop. Put it on the driest part of your face. (For me, it's the bottoms of my cheeks.) Not so bad, right? Then if you like the results (and I think you will) maybe you can work up to 2,3,4,5... You'll never really need more than 5 drops unless you're oil cleansing. Just 3-4, okay, 3, measly little drops of oil is all you need. It's really not so scary! Oil is highly concentrated moisture - like lotion, but with out all of the extra stuff (so minimalistic and efficient!) - and a teeny tiny little bit is all you need to see majorly hydrating results. 
2. Pick the right oil. 
twinkle apothecary carrier oils
So, your fear of oil isn't totally silly. Some oils can clog pores, so you'll want to make sure you find the right one for your skin type. These are my favorite oils for oily/acne prone skin: 
Watermelon Seed Oil 
Jojoba Oil 
Grapeseed Oil 
Rosehip Oil 
Sunflower Oil
Red Raspberry Seed Oil 
These are the ones that I've had the best experience with on my own face and in my products - they're all super lightweight, soak in really quickly, and get the moisturizing job done. I try very hard to make all of my products appropriate for all skin types, because I hate blackheads and breakouts just as much as anyone else! My Makeup Remover + Cleansing Oil, Original Facial Oil, and Beauty Butter are all perfectly appropriate for oily skin. You'll probably want to work up to trying my Facial Balm as it's a bit thicker and sits on top of the skin longer instead of soaking right in - although it definitely shouldn't cause breakouts. 
Other plant based oils you can experiment with if you don't like the ones I offer include Hempseed Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Argan Oil, and Calendula Oil. I mostly don't work with these for cost reasons, but if you come across some you may want to experiment with them for yourself! There are probably tons more, but it's really just a matter of finding something with a texture that you enjoy. I wouldn't recommend starting with coconut oil as it's a bit greasy and can cause breakouts for some skin types.
Obviously, I never recommend using animal by-products because that's just sad and unnecessary, and I avoid mineral oil or any petrol based products because they're not as effective, bad for the environment, and the texture is really gross. You want to look for plant based oils because they're full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that will hydrate AND heal your skin.   
3. Add Hydrosol or Toner. 
Applying facial oil when your face is completely dry is ok, but applying it when your face is slightly damp with a hydrating toner is like a million times better. Not only does it make the oil feel a lot lighter on your face, which you'll enjoy if you're just getting used to using facial oil, but it also helps lock in the hydration. 
4. Wait for it to soak in before you move to the next step in your routine.
If your face has a bunch of oil on it, you'll want to give it a couple of minutes before you try to apply your makeup. Otherwise you might end up with mascara all over your face. I have a tendency to be kind of heavy handed with my oils and butters, so I always make sure to prime my face and eyelids with my translucent mattifying powder before attempting any kind of eye makeup. 
5. Be Patient. 
If all you've ever used on your face is super light weight lotions (or nothing at all) it's probably going to feel really weird to put oil on your face at first. Promise me you'll give it a couple of weeks to a month before you give up! You will get used to the feeling of it on your face, and eventually, your skin will be so balanced you'll be wondering how you ever got through life without your favorite facial oil! 
So are you ready to give it a try?! Let me know how it goes!