The Best Natural Scents for Winter

The Best Natural Scents for Winter

and the holiday season!

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Well well well.

Here we are, practically December.

If you are like most of my customers, you've probably been wearing the heck out of your favorite fall fragrances for the past couple of months, but perhaps now that the holidays are here, I can interest you in a change?


Of course, you're always welcome to keep wearing your favorite fall scents, but if you are in the mood for something different, I have a few options for you!

Check out this video to see my top scent picks for winter:

Wondering what it is that makes a perfume winter appropriate?

Well, this isn't a black-and-white or right-and-wrong type of thing! Winter fragrances can be sweet, gourmand, cozy, woodsy, spicy, or fresh. What feels like winter to you? Do you want something warming and rich? Or something cool and crisp? Let's discuss your options!

Cozy, sweet, and gourmand scents: Ginger Snap, and Stress Baking

Available in the Perfume Archives

You can't go wrong with these sweet, warm, spicy, and inviting fragrances. Ginger Snap smells just like a ginger snap cookie. It's gingery, warm, sweet, and a tad bit earthy. This is one of my personal favorites for the season. I love to layer it with Rose and Pétiller!

banana bread

Stress Baking is a white floral that evokes the coziness of banana bread. If you love sunny florals (as you know I do!) but want a hint of warmth, spice, and sweetness for winter, this scent is the one for you.

Woodsy and fresh scents: Conifer, Smudge Snow

If you're going for straight-up Christmas tree vibes this winter, Conifer layering fragrance is your best bet. You can wear it on it's own, or layer it with Cream, Amber, Lavender, Soft Musk, Earth, or anything you like!

Smudge Snow is what you want if you're trying to stay zen and grounded this winter. Palo santo is the star of this one, with a hint of mint, fir, and creamy sweet tonka bean at the base. It's cool, refreshing, and calming.

For little bit of everything: Amber Fir, Forest Fairy, Bad Hombre, Candy Cane Forest

My favorite winter perfumes are the ones that bring all of these elements together, along with a generous dose whimsy and magic. As a perfumer, I love to play with the juxtaposition between warm and cool, spicy and crisp, earthy and sweet... and the holiday season always feels like a good time to go all out!

Amber Fir was the surprise scent for November. This multifaceted fragrance features fir and spruce for a nod to the Christmas tree, with refreshing spike lavender, green, powdery carnation, star anise, (a cool, wintery spice, if you will...) all in a sweet, earthy base of amber, nagarmotha, and tonka bean.

Speaking of multifaceted fragrances, Forest Fairy is such a unique part of the Twinkle Apothecary collection! This perfume is a lovely blue-green color thanks to herbal, sweet blue tansy essential oil. It also features fir and black spruce, cardamom (another cool winter spice!) basil, ylang ylang, and sweet, woodsy balsam of peru. See what I mean about a little bit of everything? You just have to smell this one!

Bad Hombre (yes, released in 2016 as the companion scent to Nasty Woman,) is the perfect mix of warm, spicy, and woodsy. It's a simple blend of orange, cardamom, coffee, and vetiver, but there's nothing simple about the way it smells. 

Finally, there's the most recent addition to my seasonal scent collection, Candy Cane Forest.

This one is a blend of my Conifer, Lavender, Cream, and Soft Musk layering fragrances, with peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen. It goes on very crisp, woodsy, and refreshing, but gets cozy, sweet, and delicious as it wears. Best of both worlds!

 So, what do you think? Ready to change up your scent for the season?!


Well, you know what to do! Click on the links and head over to the Perfume Archives to try some $5 samples.

I'll be back before we know it, probably with my favorite romantic perfumes for Valentines Day...

Until then, Happy Holidays!


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