Our Top 10 Most Giftable Items!

Our Top 10 Most Giftable Items!

Stefanie Grant-Cassel

Happy Holidays! 
It's been too long since I've been able to sit down at my desk and write a blog post - but I am having an absolute blast in the shop! Thank you so much to everyone who has stopped in to shop and wished me well. My heart is so full! 
In lieu of writing a holiday gift guide for you (because, um, obviously I think everything on my website would be an amazing gift!) I wanted to give you a quick rundown of my easiest gifts to give. 
Just incase you're stumped... 
Here we go! 
crystal bath bomb twinkle apothecary
Who doesn't love bath bombs? They come in crowd pleasing scents, they're pre-packaged in a box, (hi - just add a bow!) and instead of disappearing into nothingness/going down the drain after their bath, they'll get to keep a beautiful crystal forever. Which will always remind them of you, their cool friend who gave them the gift of self care/aromatherapy/and magic all in one. 
lip balm gift set twinkle apothecary
Everyone likes and needs good lip balm. EVERYONE. And if you have a lot of stockings to stuff, get yourself the gift set option because you'll basically be getting one free! 
Plus, the full size lip balms are so big that it will probably last most of the year. The gift that keeps giving! 
roll-on cuticle oil twinkle apothecary
I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate this. It smells lovely, it's handy af to keep in your purse or on your desk - it'd make a great co-worker or teacher gift, no?! 
DID I MENTION IT'S ONLY $8?! Get on this, y'all! 
healing lotion stick - Twinkle Apothecary
Again - who doesn't need a portable little lotion to keep on hand in the wintertime? This is super effective, smells fresh as heck, is great for guys and girls alike... Also very affordable. Pair it with the cuticle oil (#3) for an extra great gift. 
aromatherapy perfume twinkle apothecary
Okay, I'll admit it... perfume IS difficult to gift! But the great thing about these aromatherapy fragrances is that you can choose something based on whatever they need emotionally, (to be more calm, happy, focused, well, loved) instead of just trying to pick out a scent they may not love. This is a wonderful way to show someone that a) you're listening, and b) you really care! 
lip + cheek tint twinkle apothecary
Makeup is another one of those things that can be difficult to gift - so if you're unsure about what color would be best, my advice is to go for the extra (aka the darkest shade!) It will be nice and dark on someone with fair skin, and it sure to show up on someone with darker skin. Plus it's just lovely and nourishing and great for all skin types! 
highlight balm twinkle apothecary
Same story here! This highlight balm is working for all skin-tones, and even if they don't want to highlight their face, it works beautifully as a subtly shimmery lip balm. They will love it, I promise... 
crystal body butter
Everyone needs moisturizer in the winter, and all of these scents are crowd pleasers. (If you're not sure - go for lavender or pink grapefruit - the top two sellers!) And after they finish the jar, they'll get to keep that crystal and think of their cool friend again! 
(Bonus points - pair it with a matching perfume and/or bath bomb!) 
hair oil twinkle apothecary
(Pretty much) everyone has hair that could use a little more moisture in the winter. This is effective, affordable, is very lightly scented, unisex, and what more could you possibly want even? If they don't know what to do with/how to use hair oil, please teach them and give their life an instant upgrade. Good (and healthy) hair days for everyone! 
december box merry + bright
A little bit of skincare, a little bit of good smelly stuff, a little bit of makeup... it's the best of all worlds. And at a $47 retail value for just $30, it looks like a much more expensive gift. You really can't go wrong! 
And if you want to go big, buy a pre-paid 12 month subscription! ($300, aka $25 per box) Who wouldn't want a little box of handmade goodness on their doorstep every month?! 
The December box ships on Friday, December 15th, so you'll need to purchase it by the 14th to make sure you'll get it in time for Christmas!  
And of course, *honorable mention* there's always gift cards... Pro tip: get a couple of your favorite perfume minis or skincare samples to put with it so you have something to wrap! 
And no one panic, but the deadline to place your order to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas with our free standard shipping option is Saturday, December 16th! 
After that, it's gift cards and shopping irl for you! 
(Seriously come see me in the shop, Oklahoma City - I love getting to help you pick out your gifts!) 
If I don't get to write another blog post before then (hopefully I'll be busy playing Santa for you all...) HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 
Seriously, thank you so much for sharing my products with your friends and family this year. It means the world to me. I love getting to share my heart with you all! 

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