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8 Reasons Why Natural Perfume is a Beauty Must

It's a surprisingly sensitive subject. 
Since starting Twinkle Apothecary, I've learned that most people have very strong opinions on fragrance. (We can't help it, it's how our brains are wired!) I've also learned that scent preferences are HIGHLY subjective - for every "yuck" there's an equally enthusiastic "yum." (Seriously, I wish I could record people's reactions to my testers when I go to markets, because it can be pretty hilarious!) 
Some people love to douse themselves in their favorite scent, other's don't like to wear anything at all, and there are a lot of people in-between - who are intrigued by the idea of wearing a personal fragrance but can't find anything they really love, or, are leery of mystery/missing ingredient lists and potentially harmful synthetics full of endocrine disrupting parabens and phthalates.
(This was basically me before I started Twinkle Apothecary.)
So, why bother? I mean, certainly no one needs to wear perfume. But since I personally do kind of need to sell a lot of it, (lol) I figured it was in my best interest to come up with a few reasons why you should buy some.
Here's what I've got: 
1. It's soooooo luxurious. 
Because it is not necessary, it is a complete indulgence. It's the finishing touch of polish on your daily grooming and self care routine. It's a little easy mini ritual that says, "I'm worthy of nice things." All for the low, low price of $15 with free shipping. (That's 2-3 trips to the coffee shop or one fancy cocktail, except it's way healthier - so don't tell me you can't afford it!)
2. It's just fun. 
At least it should be. Try not to take it too seriously? Choosing your perfume is a creative exercise, like choosing your outfit - it's an extension of your unique personal style!  
3. It can change your mood. 
I like science and I'm not super into the woo-woo life, so I try to take aromatherapy with a grain of pink-himalayan salt. However, there's not a doubt in my mind that the (natural, essential oil based) fragrances I wear can enhance or change my mood. My perfumes are the first thing I reach for when I'm feeling anxious or sad. They may not cure my ills or solve my problems, but they do bring me much needed comfort, and if I need help relaxing (or getting energized) they are the perfect little (non-addictive and healthy) pick-me-up! 
4. It brings nature to you. 
Most of us don't get to experience the grounding vibes of a good hike or a walk on the beach every day, so wearing plant essences is a lovely way to connect to the natural world, even when you're stuck at your desk. Speaking of which, 
5. It brings back memories. 
When I was working full time from an office cubicle in Los Angeles, I couldn't leave my house in the mornings without a spritz of a floral perfume that reminded me of weekend walks through my neighborhood. Carrying that weekend memory/feeling into my week made work life so much more bearable for this free spirit. 
I put my own spin on that neighborhood scent with Mulholland. 
French Girl smells like the time I stayed at the Plaza Athénée in Paris.
Adore is loosely based on something I used to wear in my mid 20s when I was involved in an overly dramatic romantic fling. 
Basic reminds me of starting this new venture!  
Blissed reminds me of when I was first falling in love with my boyfriend.
It is truly fascinating to me how scents become entwined with memories in our brains
I enjoy being able to change my scent often, so when I come back to an old fragrance in my rotation I get a little surprise, unexpected memory that I didn't even realize existed! 
Is that weird? 
(Maybe don't answer that...) 
If you're an overly sensitive romantic fool like me, and you're not already wearing perfume, I highly recommend treating yourself this sensory experience. 
6. It can set the tone for a new life chapter.  
OK, say you don't want to relive old memories and you're looking for a fresh start. This is the PERFECT time to try a new fragrance! Just as there probably isn't one perfect romantic partner for you, there isn't just ONE perfume that you can wear either.  New scent, new memories, onward and upward! 
7. Natural perfumes are actually good for your skin. 
No need to worry about mystery ingredients and potentially harmful endocrine disrupters here! There's nothing but coconut oil and essential oils in these babies. (I can even make them with jojoba oil if you prefer!) Check out the "key benefits" section of each listing to see the skincare benefits of each ingredient. 
8. You won't smell like everyone else.
As of right now, I have zero intention of getting my handcrafted, artisanal fragrances into every Sephora/Macy's/CVS in the world. I like the idea of keeping it a little bit of a secret. Like, "Ooh, what are you wearing?" "Oh just this cute little indie perfume brand I found online. NBD." Because my customers are way too cool for the mall.
Yeah you are... I see you!   
Y'all are so cool that I bet you can come up with even more reasons why natural perfume is a beauty must-have. 
Post a comment below with your thoughts/stories... I'd love to hear them all! 
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