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Our single note perfume selection for February is a set of sweet, sensual, heart opening fragrances that layer beautifully together and are fun to wear on their own too! Buy one for $15 or all 4 for $54 - just make sure to place your order before February is over and they disappear. 👋 

pink grapefruit 

Pink grapefruit essential oil is an extremely fresh, sweet, zesty scent, (just like freshly peeled grapefruit) that's sure to brighten your day. It's said to have mood lifting, energy boosting properties that ease depression and can even induce a state of euphoria! 

Wear it alone or layer it with any of our signature fragrances to add brighten and add a little fresh sweetness. 

Scent strength/wear time: very light, short wearing, top note  

🌱 ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, cold pressed pink grapefruit essential oil 

ylang ylang 

Ylang ylang has a very intense, sweet, candy like floral scent, with subtly smoky, creamy, banana-custard like undertones. It's said to deeply relax the body, calm the mind, promote restful sleep, ease frustration and nervous tension, and enhance the libido. 

Ylang ylang wears beautifully on it's own, and blends well with just about anything - it's a wonderful all-purpose natural fragrance to have in your collection! 

Scent strength/wear time: very strong, medium wear time, middle note

🌱 ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, steam distilled organic ylang ylang essential oil 


This is a very deep, mellow, honeyed-with-a-hint-of-spice Bulgarian rose absolute - definitely not your Grandma's suffocatingly sweet rose perfume! While absolutes (a chemical extraction of natural plant fragrance materials) aren't typically recommended for aromatherapy purposes, there's no denying the intoxicating, relaxing, heart opening effect of this rich fragrance. 

Rose stands alone, but it can add just the right amount of depth and sweetness to pretty much any of our signature fragrances. 

Scent strength/wear time: medium, middle note 

🌱 ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, rose absolute 


Patchouli tends to be a love-it-or-hate-it type fragrance, but fair warning: if you give it a chance, it will definitely grow on you! The ultimate earthy, grounding natural fragrance, (some even say it smells like dirt, but please don't let that scare you,) this herb will take your nose on a journey that ends in soft, powdery, sensual goodness. It's said to be deeply calming, relieve anxiety and depression, and balance and stabilize emotions. 

Wear it alone, or layer it with any of our signature fragrances to add a complex, earthy, grounding element. 

Scent strength/wear time: strong, long wearing, base note 

🌱 ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, steam distilled patchouli essential oil  

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