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Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐

$ 25.00

Looking for a perfume junkie club scent released during 2020? It's right here! Scroll down to learn about all of the fragrances and select the one you'd like from the drop down menu.

Pro-tips: 1) If you'd like to sample a few different fragrances, check out the perfume discovery sample set

2) Search the name of the scent you're curious about on our site to find videos with all of the details on the blog!

3) Click here for past perfume junkie scents from 2018/19

december 2020 - amber fir 

Our last-ever perfume junkie club scent is a cozy-yet-refined holiday inspired fragrance. Amber fir goes on warm and slightly spicy with notes of sweet orange and star anise, which develops into fresh but sweet black spruce and balsam fir notes reminiscent of a Christmas tree. Refreshing spike lavender and powdery, green carnation elevate and soften the blend, while a base of rich, leather-y amber, sweet, creamy tonka bean, and pepper-y nagarmotha leave an intriguing but comforting softness on your skin throughout the day.  Alcohol based 5 ml spray. 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, black spruce essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, star anise essential oil, balsam fir absolute, spike lavender essential oil, carnation absolute, benzoin extract, labdanum absolute, vanilla co2, tonka bean absolute, nagarmotha essential oil, fractionated coconut oil  

november 2020 - desert musk

An herbal, grounding fragrance to help you find (and keep) your peace of mind this fall. Desert musk goes on green, sharp, and refreshing, with bay laurel and tulsi holy basil (an adaptogen that helps your body manage stress,) while organic sage, sustainably harvested palo santo, and cannabis uplift, release negative energies, and calm the mind. Warm, sweet caraway leads into the grounding, extremely long wearing musk notes of ambrette seed, tobacco, and vetiver. An alcohol based 5 ml roll-on bottle. 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, ambrette seed co2 extract, tobacco absolute, vetiver essential oil, organic sage essential oil, cannabis essential oil, caraway seed co2 extract, laurel leaf essential oil, tulsi holy basil essential oil, palo santo essential oil, fractionated coconut oil 

october 2020 - stress baking 

This month's scent is inspired by the comforting, cozy, sweet smell of banana bread! Warm vanilla, bright cinnamon, creamy sweet ylang ylang, honeyed champaca, nutty almond and sandalwood, buttery coconut, and a pinch of nutmeg... need we say more? Take *that* election season! Packaged in a 5 ml oil based roll-on bottle. 

ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, vanilla co2, bitter almond essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, champaca co2, coconut pulp co2, nutmeg essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, cocoa absolute, balsam of peru essential oil  

september 2020 - ceremony 

Crisp herbs, delicate tea, and fresh forest notes make Ceremony feel like a cooling respite as summer comes to an end. It goes on sharp and refreshing with notes of mint and hinoki wood, mellows into a subtly floral lavender tea, with a cool, smoky base of cedarwood and fossilized amber. 5 ml alcohol based roll-on. 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, tulip tree absolute, lavender essential oil, blue cypress essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, clary sage essential oil, hinoki wood essential oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, rose de mai absolute, fossilized amber resin, cedarwood essential oil, liquidambar (styrax) oleoresin, organic sunflower oil   

august 2020 - pompette 

Pompette is our first ever perfume crowdsourced by our customers and followers on Instagram and Facebook! You voted on polls posted throughout the summer to decide the concept, (a fresh, light, citrusy summer cocktail with a hint of mint) ingredients, (the top, middle, and base note accords were all up for vote, as well as the base and application method,) name, (pompette is french for "tipsy,") while Stefanie mixed it all together. 

The result is a refreshing and zingy, extremely light fragrance with notes of citrus and mint, with cool savory herbs and a spritzer of cocktail-like alcoholic notes. Packaged in a 5 ml oil based roll-on bottle. 

ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, lime essential oil, lemon essential oil, yuzu essential oil, bergamot essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, peppermint essential oil, spearmint essential oil, juniper berry essential oil, rosemary essential oil, basil essential oil, orange blossom absolute, angelica root c02, copaiba balsam exudate, amyris essential oil, cognac essential oil 

july 2020 - backyard 

This green, earthy solid perfume smells like a summer night spent outside. It goes on grassy and sweet, then develops into a grounding, woodsy sparkle. This scent blends perfectly with any outdoor summer activity and will surely make you nostalgic for summer nights in the months to come!  

ingredients: violet floral wax, candelilla wax, fractionated coconut oil, cedarwood essential oil, tagetes essential oil, wild pinyon essential oil, geranium essential oil, coriander co2, patchouli essential oil, agarwood essential oil  

june 2020 - le bikini 

This bright, sweet, warm tropical floral is a vacation in a bottle! It goes on cool, zesty, and refreshing, with notes of lime, lemongrass, and melon, then sweetens and softens into a cloud of blood orange, vanilla, and plumeria. Delicate florals and a hint of warm sandalwood linger on the skin for a long time. A 5 ml alcohol based spray that's light enough to spritz on abundantly! 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, lime essential oil, blood orange essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, galangal co2, ginger essential oil, frangipani absolute, jasmine absolute, coconut pulp co2, vanilla co2, sandalwood absolute, cocoa absolute, organic fractionated coconut oil 

may 2020 - nag champa oil 

This doesn't exactly smell like incense, but rather, is a warm, soft, and sweet woody floral based on the classic champaca + sandalwood pairing that is the traditional nag champa fragrance. It goes on bright and sweet, with a zest of lemon leading into honeyed, fresh, spring-y magnolia floral notes, in a base of warm, grounding sandalwood with a touch of creamy, lush tonka bean. An intimate and comforting oil based roll-on fragrance meant to bring you peace as we celebrate spring.

ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, champaca co2, essential oils of lemon and sandalwood, tonka bean absolute. 

bonus fragrance - Beach Rose by Say Grace 

This one actually isn't a perfume junkie club fragrance - but rather, just a random new perfume mash-up that we made for our Grace and Frankie Beauty Binge Set. We want you to be able to order it on it's own too so we're listing it here! 

"Beach Rose" (or is it Sea Mist?) is a blend of our Wave + Bloom Perfumes, with a touch of cognac for a boozy note that's Grace Hanson approved. 5 ml oil based roll-on. 

ingredients: organic fractionated coconut oil, organic coconut co2 extract, sandalwood essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, yuzu essential oil, blood orange essential oil, neroli essential oil, rose absolute, tonka bean absolute, cognac essential oil

*Note! If you are a current perfume junkie club subscriber on the list to receive the June scent and would like to buy Beach Rose for the subscriber's rate of $20, just email Stefanie and she'll send you an invoice. Pay by May 31st and it will ship with your June perfume. Everyone else: simply select Beach Rose from the dropdown list to purchase for $25.* 

april 2020 - fancy face 

If you're a fan of our skincare products or have ever visited our OKC shop, this is going to be a familiar fragrance for you! We took the fresh, uplifting ingredients from our toning mist, and combined them with a light, green base note accord of vetiver and violet leaf to make it last all day. This is a refreshing, herbaceous floral scent that smells like spring! 5ml alcohol based spray perfume. 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, essential oils of neroli, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, sweet orange, vetiver, amyris, violet leaf absolute, fractionated coconut oil 

march 2020 - mood 

March's scent smells like opening your windows after a refreshing spring rain - it goes on like a breath of fresh air but deepens into something more moody and romantic with a hint of oakmoss incense that lingers all day - notes of green petitgrain and herbal lavender give way to sweet, mysterious jasmine, oakmoss, orris, and patchouli. Alcohol based roll-on. 

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, petitgrain essential oil, lavender essential oil, basil essential oil, jasmine absolute, orris root butter, patchouli essential oil, oakmoss absolute, sandalwood essential oil, fractionated coconut oil  

february 2020 - date night 

This is the ultimate rich, sensual, sweet fragrance for celebrating romance! It's warm, spicy, sweet, rosy, and extremely tenacious with an earthy, powdery dry down, without being too much. Just right for date night! 🥰

ingredients: organic grape alcohol, rose absolute, cocoa absolute, tonka bean absolute, jasmine absolute, vanilla co2 extract, bitter almond extract, cardamom co2 extract, essential oils of pink peppercorn, rhododendron, patchouli 

january 2020 - œillet nouveau 

(Pronounced oou-yay 😗) Œillet Nouveau is a fresh, light, and subtle solid perfume for a fresh new decade. Think of this a palate cleanser to refresh your nose before we kick off a new year of exciting scents! Lemon and lavender are the main notes you'll smell, in addition to fresh, green, soft, and (very) subtly spicy carnation. Hold it up to your nose (or apply it to your skin) whenever you need a breath of fresh air. You can even smooth it through your hair for a light pomade! This one is nice and light, so keep it nearby to re-apply often.  

ingredients: carnation wax, organic fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of lemon, lavender, copaiba balsam, chamomile, amyris, and balsam of peru 

Perfume Junkie Fragrances - 2020 💐

$ 25.00