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Twinkle Apothecary

OKC the Fragrance ⛈🌾🌬

$ 6.00

So you can take the scent of home with you no matter where you roam... 

overall impression: the cool, damp breeze after an early autumn thunderstorm 

top notes: cool, fresh air

middle notes: soft, green grass 

base notes: warm, rich woods, damp earth 

scent strength/wear time: medium to strong, long wearing 

earthy 🍂 woodsy 🌲 herbal 🍃

(5% of the sales from this scent will be donated to The Foundation for Oklahoma City Public Schools )

👩‍🏫 instructions 👩‍🏫

Roll-on: roll behind the ears, on the collarbone and décolletage, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, bellybutton… (What? We've heard that's a good spot!) Our oil based fragrances are meant to be enjoyed at close range, so there's no danger of going overboard. 

Spray: mist onto your skin, clothing, in your hair, or around the room.

Mini: open carefully and use the applicator on the lid to apply the fragrance to your skin

🌱 ingredients 🌱 

roll-on and mini: organic fractionated coconut oil, eucalyptus essential oil, fir needle essential oil, violet leaf absolute, palmarosa essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, oak moss absolute 

spray: organic grape alcohol, eucalyptus essential oil, fir needle essential oil, violet leaf absolute, palmarosa essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, oak moss absolute 



OKC the Fragrance ⛈🌾🌬

$ 6.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ashley B.
Wonderful Year-Round!

After receiving OKC the Fragrance as a sample with a purchase, I knew it'd be one I'd buy! It reminds me of fresh air and walking around Midtown. It's a scent that I'll definitely wear year-round.

Tara H.
Craving It!

For me, this perfume was a perfect example of why you should order samples. I have smelled this so many times in the shop but it never appealed to me. I received a sample in the discovery set and wore it for a whole day. I absolutely LOVED how it smelled. I actually found myself craving it a couple days later. Can you crave perfume? I think so. It smells so fresh and lasts a long time.

Daryl S.

OKC is earthy and never overpowers.

Amazing fragrance!

I love this OKC fragrance! I prefer a more musky unisex scent and this is perfect. I can't wait to try more twinkle apothecary perfumes!

Unisex indeed!

My mom actually purchased this scent and she loves it! I tried hers out to test a theory on how I feel about oak moss. After trying Asterisk 01,which has oak moss in the dry down, it reminded me so much of my great uncle's cologne, which was a classic male cologne. Oak moss is in OKC and it does indeed smell like that cologne I remember from my childhood, which is why this is the perfect unisex scent. The overall crisp, clean, scent is much softer than Asterisk 01, and the oak moss is what makes OKC last forever on the skin! It really is one of the longest lasting scents! It's also a great scent for any time of year.