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We're so pleased to have this hand rolled cone incense crafted in the USA from premium natural aromatics in our shop!

Natural aromatics: 

Whole plants and herbs, tree resins, wood powders, and tinctures

Non-toxic, no charcoal, burning accelerants, or synthetic fragrances, ever! 

Cones stay lit and burn straight through

Each 3" x 3" box contains 8 hand rolled cones 

Average cone burning time: 20 minutes

Fragrance can last for up to 8 hours

Smart Smoke: Only burn incense on a fireproof surface. Do not leave burning incense unattended. 

High Desert - White Sage + Lavender Blend 

Great for intellectual activity, cleaning, relaxing and preparing a space for creative practice

Inspired by the landscapes of New Mexico, the High Desert blend is an earthy, floral blend with the cleansing qualities associated with white sage smudging.

Moon Mix - Myrrh + Sandalwood + Orris Root Blend 

Watery, Soft, Flowery, Feminine, Intuitive, Dreamy, Meditative. Great for maintaining creative energy

Copalo - Copal + Palo Santo + Cedar Blend 


May evoke past emotions and memory

Aspara - Select Blend 

Amber fragrance incense blend made from natural aromatics.

Soothing Amber and Vanilla notes.

Ingredients in this Select blend include:


Siam Benzoin gum

Labdanum resin

Styrax bark

 Suggested Setting : Meditation, Relaxation, Creativity

Califia - Select Blend 

Fresh and invigorating, a healing fragrance with resinous green spicy notes.

Ingredients in this new blend include:

Yerba Santa Leaf

Rosemary Leaf

Juniper Leaf

Cedarwood Powder

 Suggested Setting: Music Listening, Ritual Uses, Meditation, Creative Activity, Evening doings, social gatherings

Sunol - Oakmoss + Lavender + Bay Laurel 

Oakmoss as an incense ingredient evokes campfire smells, dewy rolling hills, and peaceful feelings. Its a fragrance that stays around for a while after burning. It's an immediately recognizable fragrance, and a welcoming one. Sunol was named after a village in the east bay of Northern California. 

Ingredients: Oakmoss, Lavender, and Bay Laurel 

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