March Box: Green Goddess

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 30.00
Our March boxes have shipped and are on their way! Bummed that you missed out? No worries! We'll leave this listing up as long as we have quantities available.
Our March box is full of green beauty essentials that you'll need to refresh your routine for spring! 
Like, literally green... 
The theme is Green Goddess, so think 
fresh, green fragrances, and natural skin and hair care that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit. 
We're especially excited to include a sample of our newest product - 
a soothing matcha green tea facial balm
The March box is a $44 retail value for just $30, and if you subscribe to receive our boxes every month you'll get an additional 10% off! 
(Our subscriptions are always risk free, and can be cancelled at anytime.) 
The deadline to get on our subscribers list is March 16th at 12pm central time.
Our March beauty boxes will ship on March 17, 2017! 
(OMG, on St. Pactrick's day... how appropriate!)
After the 17th, the boxes will still be available to purchase a la carte, just not at the discounted subscription rate. Order yours ASAP for the best deal! 
  • A 2 oz Yoga Mat Spray ($10 retail value) - Because what is a goddess without her totally green mat cleansing spray?! This blend of tea tree, bergamot, cinnamon, patchouli, and ylang ylang has powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and it will leave your mat with an uplifting, energizing, yet grounding aroma that is absolutely intoxicating. Not into yoga? You'll LOVE this as a room spray! 
  • A 1/2 oz Hair Oil ($10 retail value) - Chances are, your hair needs a little post-winter TLC. Or, protection against those ferocious March winds! Our hair oil is a magical blend of moisturizing plant based oils with lavender, carrot seed, ylang-ylang, and geranium essential oils boost shine, nourish the scalp, and help balance oil production while adding a light, fresh floral scent. Use a couple of drops to condition your hair and tame frizz on the daily, or massage a full dropper into your hair and scalp for a weekly deep conditioning treatment before you wash your hair! 
  • A Lemongrass single note perfume ($10 retail value) - This is therapeutic lemongrass essential oil blended with nothing but fractionated coconut oil and packaged in a convenient roll-on perfume bottle! Lemongrass is said to make you feel refreshed, relaxed, calm, and also helps to relieve anxiety and insomnia! It's also said to be a natural insect repellent - perfect for spring! The sent is fresh, citrusy, grassy, sweet, and herbal. Just like lemongrass tea! 
  • A 5 ml sample of our new facial balm ($5 retail value) - We're so excited to introduce this new product! Intensely hydrating shea butter is combined with evening primrose, sunflower, avocado, red raspberry seed oil, and a pinch of candelilla wax, with soothing tapioca, matcha green tea powder, carrot seed, neroli, and sandalwood essential oils. This anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, redness reducing balm moisturizes, soothes, and protects your face, without clogging pores. 
  • A sample of Aloe Vera Powder ($3 retail value) - Aloe Vera is a multipurpose skincare powerhouse. It's hydrating, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and has antiseptic properties, which makes it great at treating acne as well! This highly concentrated powder is produced from the gel inside the leave of the aloe vera plant. Mix a small amount with water to make your own healing aloe gel. We also love it mixed with oil, and of course in our powdered cleanser to make a masque! You could even add it to your bath! Check out our DIY Add-Ins listing for more info on how to use! 
  • Samples of Goddess and Dolce Vita perfume ($6 retail value) - Goddess is a sweet, green blend of orange, patchouli, palmarosa, and geranium. It goes on zesty, bright, and herbal, then softens into a light, sweet, floral scent with just a hint of earthy patchouli. Dolce Vita blends citrusy lime with bright neroli, and the two are grounded in a base of woody, earthy vetiver and patchouli. Switching to these light, fresh fragrances instantly puts us in the mood for Spring and Summer adventures!
  • A $44 retail value for just $30! 
  • Handcrafted with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie
  • Vegan and cruelty free... always! 
  • Every month we curate a goody box chock full of Twinkle goodness based on a different theme. 
  • Each box contains between 1-3 full size items and samples galore!
  • They make a perfect gift for anyone who likes to try a variety of new fragrances and experiment with natural skincare! 
  • Purchase them one month at a time for $30 each, or subscribe to save 10% 
  • Cancel your subscription at any time - we'll announce the theme and items included in the box every month so you'll know if you want to keep 'em coming! 
  • You'll be charged on the date that you place your order to reserve your box, and the boxes will ship on March 17th via USPS First Class mail.
  • The cut off to place your order is March 16th, at 12pm central time. If there are quantities available, the box will be listed for sale individually after March 17th.
  • We use eco friendly packaging, and include no excess paper mailers, post cards, etc. 
  • Free standard shipping to the US - international shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on package weight (usually just under 1 pound.) Unfortunately, our subscription service is not available outside of the US at this time. 
  • As always, everything is vegan, cruelty free, and handcrafted with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie!

The best deal!
Pay one time and receive our beauty box every month, for 3, 6, or 12 months at a time!
Ordering as a gift? Simply enter your details for the billing address, and the recipient's information for the shipping address!
3 month subscription $80 ($26.67 per box!)
6 month subscription $155 ($25.83 per box!)
12 month subscription $300 ($25 per box!)


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