Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray ūüí¶

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 12.00
We've all heard that cleaning your makeup brushes after every use is crucial, but ugh... what a chore! In an effort to keep our own brushes clean and our faces fresh, we came up with a solution that smells so good you'll want to use it all the time. This spray isn't meant to replace weekly deep cleansing shampoo sessions, but it will help keep your brushes free from bacteria between uses, which will help prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking f l a w l e s s.   
  • Witch hazel and distilled water gently cleanse makeup and dirt from bristles¬†
  • Tea tree, palmarosa, and rosemary essential oils lend powerful antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiseptic properties to help keep nasties at bay in-between washings. Bonus points for smelling ultra refreshing and lovely!¬†
  • Handmade with love by Twinkle Apothecary owner & creator, Stefanie.¬†
  • Vegan & cruelty-free... always!¬†
  • Shake well, then...¬†
  • Spray cleaner onto makeup brush, wipe off excess liquid and makeup onto a paper towel, tissue, or clean, dry washcloth.¬†
  • Allow brushes to dry completely before next use.¬†
  • We like to roll the base of the brush quickly between our palms to fluff up the bristles and wring out excess liquid!¬†
  • Please defer to the cleaning instructions provided by your makeup brush manufacturer for best results. Different materials may require different cleansing solutions.¬†
  • Use within 6 months.¬†

witch hazel 86%*, distilled water, rosemary oil, palmarosa oil, tea tree oil

*this product contains approximately 7% alcohol 

witch hazel 86%:

  • contains 14% alcohol¬†
  • antioxidant, healing, anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling, and astringent
  • tightens pores¬†
  • cleanses skin
  • reduces redness¬†
  • calms itchy skin¬†
  • heals bruises, cuts, and sores

rosemary oil: 

  • antiseptic, astringent¬†
  • tones and hydrates skin¬†
  • stimulates¬†hair growth¬†
  • helps treat itchy scalp¬†
  • stimulating, energizing¬†
  • fresh, herbal scent¬†

palmarosa oil: 

  • antibacterial, antiseptic,¬†anti fungal¬†
  • good for acne, eczema, scar tissue, wrinkles¬†
  • stimulating, energizing¬†
  • sweet, floral, tea-like scent

tea tree oil: 

  • antiseptic¬†
  • antibacterial¬†
  • light woodsy, herbal scent

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