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Twinkle Apothecary

Mail-In Refills Shipping Label 💌

$ 10.00

Great news - the day you've been waiting for is finally here! You can now send in your Twinkle Apothecary bottles to have them refilled!

Please note that this service is only for people who are not local to Oklahoma City. Locals, please come into our store to drop off your bottles! 

Attention patrons: Are you a member of the Twinkle Apothecary Patreon community at the shooting star ($50/month) level? Even better news for you, because shipping your bottles back is free! You can skip this listing - just message Stefanie and she'll send you a shipping label free of charge.

For non-shooting-star-Patreon-members, here's how it works: 

Step 1:

Clean your bottles per these instructions allowing them to dry completely, then pack them up in a box to ship back to the Twinkle Apothecary studio. Make sure to wrap them in plenty of cushioning so the glass bottles don't break!   

Step 2:

Use this listing to purchase a flat rate shipping label. You must enter an email address at checkout - no phone numbers - as we can't send shipping labels over text at this time. Please also be sure to enter your correct shipping address at checkout.

Step 3: 

After you purchase a label from this listing, Stefanie will email you a USPS shipping label appropriate for the size box you've chosen at checkout. 

Step 4:

Print out the shipping label and tape it on the box, then take the box to the post office or give it to your mail carrier.  

Step 5:

Once your box is received at Twinkle HQ, Stefanie will refill your bottles and send you an invoice for the total amount. (Refills are 20% off the retail price.) 

Step 6:

After you pay the invoice, Stefanie will mail your refilled bottles back to you! 



What's refillable?

Everything, except acne spot treatment, deodorant, beauty butter, sensitive butter, facial balm, facewhip, crystal body butter, wave pomade, healing lotion stick, bikini balm, lip balm, highlight balms, (basically nothing waxy/buttery/balmy!) and the stain.  

Keep in mind that most of our powdered/dry items already have refill bag options available online, which don't require you to pay to ship bottles back in the mail. So handy. ;) 

This mail in option is a better choice for refilling any wet/liquid products, and is especially perfect for refilling the bulk size refill bottles of those items that we already offer online - refilling your refills is definitely the most economical option! 

Can I send in *any* bottle to be filled with product? 

No, at this time we're only accepting used, full size/travel size Twinkle Apothecary bottles. Note that we are not refilling "mini" or sample sized bottles and jars.  

Can I send back bottles for reuse if I don't want a refill? 

We don't currently have the capability to process and sterilize everyone's bottles for general reuse. However, if you would like to send back your *clean* bottles and jars, we will recycle them for you. Please do not make us do your dishes or send us dirty trash. 

Can I have a different product refilled than what was in the original bottle? 

Sure. Just leave a note with this order or a written note in your box, listing what you would like filled in which bottle. 

What if I don't know how many pounds my box is? 

Most likely, a box with empty bottles will be under 2 pounds. If you're not sure, you can ask at the post office - if the label is insufficient you can purchase a new one there and we will refund you for this one. 

Can I mail bottles to you without purchasing a shipping label through this listing? 

Sure! However, you must include your email address and return shipping address on a note inside the box so we know how to charge you and where to send them back. 

What if I don't want to clean/sanitize/dry my bottles before sending them back? 

That is a choice you are welcome to make at your own risk. However, Stefanie reserves the right to not refill any bottles that appear wet or are too dirty. Note that perfume bottles being filled with the same scent usually don't need to be cleaned/sanitized. 

Can I have a fresh label? 

Yes, just leave a note with your order and we'll include a fresh sticker in your box so you can apply a new label at home. 

Can I have a fresh cap/sprayer/pump? 

This kind of defeats the purpose of getting a refill... however, we will replace malfunctioning caps on a case by case basis.  

Why can't you refill acne spot treatment or the stain? 

Acne spot treatments and the stain are only made by the batch - we can't make just one at a time and they're not materials that we can easily keep on hand in bulk to refill bottles on demand. Same with all of our butters and balms - we don't actually keep giant vats of everything melting, ready to pour into jars one at a time on demand - they're made and poured by the batch!

 More questions? OMG! Well, you know what to do. 

Mail-In Refills Shipping Label 💌

$ 10.00

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