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Gemstone Hair Combs 💎

$ 38.00

Massage your scalp (and your crown chakra) with a beautiful gemstone to Twinkle from the crown down! 

GIA certified rose quartz or jade gemstones by Gemsthetics, carved and polished into a gently stimulating hair comb. 

Stimulates circulation to promote hair growth. 

Releases stress and provides relief from headaches. 

Ships in a box with a storage pouch and instructions. 

Rose quartz comb is approximately 3" in length - MOHS rating: 7 - Origin: Brazil 

Jade comb is approximately 3.5" in length - MOHS rating: 6 - Origin: Canada

Each comb is unique and will have slight variations in shape and color. 

Natural gemstones - never enhanced with chemicals, dyes, heats, or plasticizers. 

rose quartz

Each stone will have a unique appearance of light translucent to deep pink color variations.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra

Rose quartz the stone of love, filled with feminine energy, compassion, nourishment and comfort. Inspires beauty, romance and intimacy.


Each stone will have a unique appearance of light translucent green to medium green with possible waves of white color variations.

Corresponds to the Crown Chakra

Xiuyan jade is a stone with vibrant intuitive energy, bringing out wisdom, power and strength.


Massaging the scalp stimulates blood circulation to hair follicles promoting new hair growth. Scalp massage is best done with clean dry hair that is free of any product, or with wet hair that has a conditioner applied to help move through the hair. 

Start your scalp massage in the center of your skull at the front of your forehead hairline. 

Move from front to back all the way down to the base of the skull. Repeat 10 times. 

Move onto the other side, repeat the above steps. 

Go back to the side you started on, break it up into 3-4 sections again, now moving in circular motions from the center down the side. Repeat each section 10 times. 

Move onto other side, repeat the above steps. 

Perform 3-4 times a week for optimal results. 

Gemstone Hair Combs 💎

$ 38.00