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Twinkle Apothecary

Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin 🍃

$ 8.00

This facial oil for acne prone skin is a lightweight moisturizer that controls and heals acne breakouts while repairing and evening skin tone. It's light enough for oily skin, but moisturizing enough for everyone!  

why it's great ✨ 

Extra lightweight hemp seed oil, rosehip seed oil, and kalahari melon seed oil soak in quickly to soften skin without clogging pores or leaving an oily sheen. 

Essential oils of frankincense, tea tree, lavender, and cannabis reduce inflammation, soothe and repair broken skin, and help control future breakouts. 

Contains no CBD or THC 

Has a green, herbal, earthy scent. 

👩‍🏫  instructions 👩‍🏫

Massage 1-5 drops into skin after cleansing and toning. 

Can be worn as a stand alone moisturizer or under another cream/butter. 

Appropriate for day or night. 

Can be used before or after acne spot treatment. 

🌱 ingredients 🌱

organic virgin hemp seed oil, wildcrafted rosehip oil, virgin kalahari melon seed oil, tocopherol oil (vitamin e), essential oils of frankincense, tea tree, lavender, and cannabis 

♻️  refills ♻️ 

The 1/2 oz, 2 oz, and 8 oz bottles are refillable in our OKC shop for 20% off the retail price. 


Facial Oil for Acne Prone Skin 🍃

$ 8.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Catherine S.
Buy this!

I LOVE this stuff! I put it on at night with my moisturizer (beauty butter of course) and it really does help soothe my breakouts and make them heal faster. Plus it smells amazing!

Jessica W.
Adios Acne

I love all of the facial oils Stefanie makes! This one is especially great when I start to have a hormonal breakout (or one from poor diet choices). I alternate washing and moisturizing with this oil and the charcoal or green tea mask when I start to break out, topping it off with the green tea moisturizer. It really helps shorten the duration of the breakout and decreases inflammation quickly.

Becky C.

I love this oil! My skin is naturally prone to acne and oily breakouts, and this oil adds a dewey glow/moisture without my skin getting too oily or shiny.

Dannielle M.
Love how it absorbs into

Love how it absorbs into my skin without being to heavy on my skin.

Brooklynn W.
Out of all the oils

Out of all the oils this one is by far my favoriteeee, I don’t have to use it all the time but as soon as I start to break out it helps so much!! Leaves my skin feeling really clean & smells so earthy fresh:) definitely a must have if you have sensitive skin!!