Deodorant By the Case

Twinkle Apothecary

$ 80.00
If you know you want to stock up on your favorite deodorant scent, this is by far the best value!
Now you can order a "case" aka 7, aka the ridiculously tiny batches that we make of each scent!!
That's right, 
an entire batch of deodorant, just for you! 
A 7-pack of deodorant should last between 7 - 12 months, depending on how often you re-apply. 
Oh, and you get a discount of almost 30% for ordering in bulk. 
OH, and you get to pick if you want baking soda or nah... 
To order: Simply select your scent and write your preferred formula in the notes of your order. 
Choose from: 
Original (that's with baking soda) 
Baking Soda Free
Our cases are usually made fresh to order, so please allow 5-7 business days for production before your order ships. 
For more information about our deodorant & full list of ingredients, please see the individual product listings. 

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